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Girls, girls, girls!

Hannah and her friends live a life of ennui in dreary-colored New York.
After standing her ground and expecting to be hired out of her internship,
Hannah is fired and seeks diversion with Adam Sackler,
a friend with benefit who fancies himself a Dom (in the BDSM sense)
only Hannah hates the word ‘slave’.

What’s up with young women and ‘Girls’? Young women are up in arms about Lena Dunham’s new HBO TV Show ‘Girls’. To read the reviews and their comments it seems like young women are fuming over the fact that the show isn’t a specific representation of their own life. And why should it be? However, most of the reviews also read like they were written by young would-be writers who seem miffed that THEY didn’t get a HBO development deal from their own ‘memoirs-written-at-24’. Setting aside the envy factor, the rest of the reviews fault the show for not being diverse enough. Perhaps these people should visit ‘Tiny Furniture’ (also by Dunham) to be introduced to slow train wreck of her life.

Why does this TV show in particular need to be relevant to all twenty-something girls? Isn’t TV full of shows that do a greater disservice to Girldom? Like Gossip Girl, 90210, or any other overly produced show where women sport clothing inconsistent with their budget and hair/makeup inaccessible to normal busy working women. Everything about ‘Girls’ is under-styled and gray-ish and that’s nice for a change. Girls offers a view into a bubble inhabited by a small clique of people just going on about their neurotic/narcissistic life.

This isn’t the time to cut other women down for making their art. Stop acting as if there can only be ONE show about Girls written and produced by a girl. We do not live in that world anymore where all women need to aggressively cut each other down because there can only be one token pretty girl, one token manager woman, one token female writer.

I hope ‘Girls’ is so successful that it increases the number of opportunities available to young women writers.

The Industry of Seduction

In her book Bossypants Tina Pey reveals that no Hollywood producer is going to hire a woman he doesn’t want to fuck. While she may have felt that this was a shocking new revelation, it was kind of obvious from the work product of the last 10+ years of American TV and Movies. While homely and ordinary men are still allowed to be on US television, regular looking women are generally sheltered from view. When mentioning this to men they will usually name one or two actress who has worked passed her 40th birthday, namely one that they would like to fuck. But generally, it would seem most new roles go to very beautiful young women and that is not the actual problem. The problem is that since women roles are doled out to beautiful women you’d like to fuck, they are entrapped into stupid storylines that involves them being naked, sexy and fuckable. As an active women over 40 who has purpose in life, I have a hard time relating to characters who’s only purpose and path is to seduce men in order to obtain what they want. Granted there are some women characters who work really hard at being recognized for their intellect in certain programs but they are only allowed to do so if they remain fuckable at all times. This inherent sexism is now present in ALL areas of life that can be seen through a TV or Movie screen. Female singers have to be fuckable, Reality TV stars have to be fuckable and even TV anchors have to be fuckable (and be indistinguishable in style to porn stars.) Most of the discourse or plot points in American TV shows are about super-sonsumerism, money and other highly artificial lifescape but yit is imperative that all women in them must be cause the largest amount of erections in male test viewers. Young women internalize this sexism as teenagers and grow up thinking that society will reject them if they do not attain a certain level of beauty. The sexist and misogynist attitude of the proverbial Hollywood producers is now present everywhere on the Internet, like forums and Youtube where men disparage women based on their appearance.

So I thought today that I would take a little bit on time to dismantle this sexist and mysoginist attitude for young women everywhere who have to endure the insolent comments of men about women.

It’s About Shame. It’s About Control. It really has nothing to do with you.

Men are generally quite attracted to women of all shapes and sizes and will be all too happy to share an intimate moment with you even if your left boob sags more than your right one. Any man who makes a disparaging remark about you or another woman’s level of attractiveness should be avoided at all cost. Men who do not like women should not be trusted as experts on female beauty. Those men should be discussing their fear of women with a psychiatrist and not you. There are many flavors of this type of mysoginy out there:

– The slut shamer : Someone who makes disparaging comments about women’s sexuality have issues with their sexuality, notably, how they are ashamed of themselves. Slut shamers feel more comfortable living in a mental space that enriches this reality by watching porn or porn-ey media that only allows fuckable women to be visible. If given the opportunity he’ll say things like: ‘women shouldn’t dress like sluts if they do not want to be raped’. The slut shamer is all too happy to put the responsibility for all his pent up self-hatred and sexual shame on a woman rather than face his own grave self-esteem issues. The slut shamer always has something incredibly innapropriate to say in all social circumstances and should be avoided at all cost.

– The control freak: The control freak must prevent women from rising above his status and he has found that the easiest way to do this is to criticize their appearance, age or any other aspect that is linked to outside appearance (or fuckability). Control freaks have found that making women insecure about their appearance, or comparing them to other women, is the easiest way to control them and limit their success in life. The control freak’s ultimate goal is to put a women in a place where she must obtain his validation in order to cross an imaginary door just ahead. Control freak can then pretend to dangle the key to aforementioned door in order to obtain various perks, advantages and sexual favors. It is easier to avoid slut shamers but control freaks tend to be validated in many spheres of business so you will encounter them more often. The control freak has no weapon against a independent and confident woman who does not need external validation.

РThe slut shaming control freak : The slut shaming control freak lives in a strict confined mental place where women are second class citizens. His sentiment of superiority  and sexual shame come from the antiquated traditions of his religion. He sincerely feels that women are suspect and men are stewards of women and all their bodily functions. The slut shaming control freak is absolutely appalled by the idea that a woman could happily exist on her own and decide the course of her life, what she will study, where she will work, how many kids she will have and who she will fuck. If a women in his entourage steps aside the restrictive unrealistic confines of womanhood set forth by his cult, he will feel morally justified to psychologically or physically hurt her. The slut shaming control freak can be dangerous. Once he has outed himself, you should run away.

Beauty grows from the inside out

Most people over a certain age understand that outward appearance is not a good indicator of someone’s beauty. In the past 50 years, beauty has been completely commoditized. Beauty is therefore something you buy, not something you are. The media plays the control freak card in order to sell you beauty as something you must attain in order to be able to enjoy life. I have never run into a beach patrol unit that tells fat and ugly women to go away but this metaphorical entity has kept my mother from wearing a bathing suit on the beach for almost 20 years.

There are two really expensive subscription plans in our Western lives. For men it is the subscription to the promise of sex. For women it is the subscription to the promise of beauty.

You can opt-out! You will then have so much time to grow your beautiful self from the inside out. When your beauty stems from your confidence, your qualities, your accomplishments and your success, it becomes indivisible from YOU. This attitude will also win you an entourage of sincerely awesome people who provide great insulation against the increasing vapidity of modern life.

Captain Kirk Brandishes His Weapon!


I captured this on my iPad while watching ‘How TV Ruined Your Life’ with Charlie Brooker.

(picture lost and found again)

Presenting Tas, a talented cake baker from Montreal (NSFW)

Little did I know that when attending an evening of travel presentation at the local Yacht Club with Mr. P., I would meet Tas, a talented baker of perverted cakes. Tas, whose background is computer science and math, is even looking for ways to incorporate advanced features (animated parts) into his creations.

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On Leadership and The Ultimate Fighter

I have never really been interested in who pees in who’s food. Sincerely… But this season’s The Ultimate Fighter is so fascinating to me. I am already familiar with Rashad Evans and Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson for having seen their respective seasons of The Ultimate Fighter. This year it’s all about the Evans vs. Jackson dramarama with them bickering like teenagers all the time. But it’s all good because I listen carefully and watch with great interest what they do.

I believe we are simply what we do… Rampage is a manbaby. It’s relatively easy to be a manbaby, you just blurt out whatever comes to mind and overreact to everything that happens around you. And dude, you do not put chickens in a car in Las Vegas. I am not an animal activist but that is so useless and stupid.

Rashad, on the other hand, is a great coach and leader. Many people think that one is born a leader but leadership is an ability that is forged over time, often by being mentored by other great leaders. And you have to work really hard at a craft to deserve the attention of the best coaches and mentors out there, in any endeavor. It is a joy to watch Rashad and his assistant coaches work with the guys on his team (and get a bonus glimpse of Keith Jardine once in a while!)

I don’t believe for a second that the guys on Evans’ team are better than Rampage’s fighters. It is highly improbable that Rashad just happened to pick the best fighter and orchestrate the perfect matchups. It is pretty obvious that the coaching (mental and physical) is better. I was kind of appalled by Rampage’s ‘coaching’ style. I still don’t know what the deal is with Rampage. The first time around I was simply unimpressed by his ‘coaching’ style. It is obvious that he is slightly dim but that is not so much a detriment to him in his career. What is a detriment is that he is unable to connect on an emotional level with other guys. It grates on my nerves to hear him coach his fighters the same way he attempts to intimidate the competition. I mean you don’t tell a fighter to win because the other guy’s got titties… come on!

I love The Ultimate Fighter. It’s a total sausage fest. Plus all the guys have their own reason for being so fucking hot… except Wes Sims. He gets on my last nerve. I had no idea who Kimbo Slice was before this. I mean why would I troll Youtube looking for videos of guys who fight in their back yard?! I really like the guy. I hope he gets to fight again.

I was most intrigued by the episode in which Matt Mitrione fought Scott Junk. Men provide an enormous amount of physical cues about what is going on in their head. It is not in their habit to conveniently explain in exact terms what they are feeling or going through. While Matt seemed incredibly pissed off, even enraged during practice, however, he bounced his water bottle onto the counter in a very casual way. Compare this to Rampage who, after alternating between being frustrated and goofing around about losing, snapped and broke down a door, completely. Neither channeled their energy towards what was most important but Matt seems less “crazy” to me because he has a higher level of self-awareness than Rampage. I can deal with someone who is steaming mad and yelling, for whatever reason, even if it can be frightening. Wall-punchers are a waste of time and energy.

It seems I have developed a penchant for warriors in the past year. But I’ve discovered it has its challenges. There is a reason why men transform themselves into well honed fighting machines. It’s a coping mechanism. When I started watching TUF about a year ago I went through as many seasons as I could get my hands on. While I may have characterized it as porn in the past, it has become a treasure trove of research material. While I could indulge in a TV show made for men and by men, TUF is a little more raw and revealing. I have a partner who is a well honed killing machine clocking over three decades in various forms of martial Arts training, military training, and an immense ego to boot. When informed that he and I were an item, a mentor, and well-regarded community leader, told me: “He needs a strong woman to keep him in line!” Yes, he does!

Having served in peace time, I wrongly assumed my partner would be free of PTSD, something that A LOT of servicemen and women deal with everyday. But I was wrong. He has PTSD from growing up with a father who is a Vietnam War vet. Soon I will meet his family and understand a bit more what built my precious soldier and why all the men in his family are compelled to be on the front in Viet Nam and today, as I write this, for the third time in Iraq.

The first Ranger I ever dated, a Captain in the 82nd Airborne, was a mystery to me. It didn’t make sense to me that someone would need to sleep with a loaded gun in the bedside drawer. It took me a long time to understand.

So who is my favorite!? If you care to know, Brendan Schaub gets some points. He will likely win the show and he is perhaps the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen in my life! However, I cannot figure out much about his personality. Justin Wren is the bomb and he seems so nice and easy to get along with. He’d make a fine beard cuddle buddy. But of course, I have this engineer fetish so my favorite fighter is Abe Wagner. I am sad that, because he didn’t win his fight, there was sparse footage of him for most of the season. (Yes, I also have a thing for guys who have no tattoos or piercing.)

It occurs to me that there is not enough interviews during this show! So my fantasy job would be to interview the guys from The Ultimate Fighter about anything BUT fighting. I mean other than the competition for a UFC contract, these are regular guys. Really, really, really hot regular guys! I have a million questions to ask them!

I think that this would be very popular with the growing number of women who enjoy The Ultimate Fighter.

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