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TagTheSponsor: The Brightest Shining Beacon of Rape Culture

TagTheSponsor is a website that follows the slimy concept and tactics of TheDirty. TheDirty is a website devoted to shaming and ridiculing regular people (well, women really) under the guise of keeping people accountable. TagTheSponsor is more about policing the lives of strangers, notably, beautiful women on Instagram. While their tactics may come off as pure misogyny, the process is a bit more complicated. They function more like a revenge porn site.ha Here women, who are accused of being ‘professional companions’, are shamed for associating with Middle Eastern socialites and basketball players.

“These men kinda seem like broke haters.” – MrsJeremyMeeks

Yes, you read it right, the wholesale misogyny, shaming and harassment of supposed sex workers on Instagram isn’t even about women. TagTheSponsor is throwing these women under the bus to serve a seemingly racist proxy penis measuring contest between themselves and the moneyed Black and Muslim men who hoard the resources they feel are ‘theirs’. Or as Philosothot puts it…

“This is just hateful. I suppose it’s easier to go after the girls than the men who pay them.” – Philosothot

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Douglas Rushkoff Explains the Machines that Enslave Us

There is something that is lovely about existing on the Internet. It’s the ability to connect with someone else on a one-on-one basis. That is, when someone writes to you, out of the blue and engages based on the content you publish.

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Stop being a victim!

Trigger warning for violence and victimization.

In the book of awful things to say, ‘Stop being a victim.’ is a loaded one. If it is something you have ever said to someone and you are pretty sure you are not a sociopath, then you should stop and think about it for second.

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Vavoomcyclopedia: Digital Natives


Inserting Truth in Advertizing: Ashley Madison

Pressured to conform to society’s limited options we get married and divorced again and again rather than work to create the type of relationship that allows us to grow and flourish. In this context, businesses like Ashley Madison can grow and flourish. I am pretty sure that Facebook had replaced Ashley Madison as the hookup creator for married people. I asked a law enforcement officer who stayed with us last year how often the word Facebook is uttered when responding to domestic disturbances… He said, one in three!! I find Ashley Madison’s slogan to be ridiculous. It’s a bit like Diesel co-opting the word STUPID. I re-made their advertizing to reflect the truth. I have never tried out or tested the Ashley Madison website because I have always seen it as a site that sells married women with issues to stupid single guys with little judgement. I do not feel targetted.

Original Ad (seen on a Torrent site)

Truth in advertizing

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