vavoomcyclopedia-fecetiousAt no time in recent history has someone created so much public chaos in all manners of media. Every single day since he announced his campaign, in June 2015, Donald Trump has made attention seeking statements that are bad for himself, for his businesses, for his family and for the entire American public. Starting wars and invading countries doesn’t even carry the weight that Donald Trump has when it comes to decreasing the value of America in the minds of its neighbours, near and far.

Les Moonves, perpetual green-lighter of Big Brother (another idea that has passed its time), said to the The Intercept :

Who would have thought that this circus would come to town?… It may not be good for American but it’s damn good for CBS.

I grew up at a time when news was a public service. When CNN came to town, it morphed into a for-profit model. With FOX came the era of news that is anti-public-service (meaning you will be worst for watching it.) And now, most news… is not even news. I wonder where I would be today if I only ever read the comics, gossip and Weird News pages of my local paper? This is all the information nutrition we can hope to find on social media today. And this is the climate that Donald Trump hijacked last year in order to promote his latest ghost-written ode to ableism ‘CRIPPLED AMERICA’. Yet, all he seems to have accomplished is increasing the speed at which the United States Empire (yet another idea that has passed its time) is circling the bottom of the toilet bowl.

On June 16, 2016, I will be having
a small memorial service
to lay to rest the concept of news.