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Are you a Bottom of the barreller?

Years ago I wrote a post about Rush Limbaugh, one of America’s premium ‘bottom of the barreller’. Now I read it again and see how quaint because everybody known we live in a post-knowledge world. But that’s a topic for another day.

Today, you don’t have to have a syndicated radio show to broadcast to the world that you are bottom of the barreller (BotB), you can simply have a Twitter or Facebook account. Heck, even places that used to be awesomely human are now overrun by threatened angry men who proudly identify as a BotB (though they may know know what that is.)

But why?

Were you raised by sexist folks who think men are better than women? Were you only exposed to media that portrays women as intrinsically evil or wicked?

Do you feel anger when women are praised for anything other than their good looks or dress? Are you threatened when a woman does real well at something?

Do you love it when women fight with each other but hate it when they fight with you?

Then you may be a BotB.

There are two main barrels of gender into which most hetero-normative people fit: males and females. Maybe you think the male barrel sits on top of the female barrel. And so you stand guard at the bottom of the male barrel making sure no women escape !!

Because if ANY women escape the bottom barrel, that means you will suddenly have competition as the weakest and least valuable member of the male barrel.

The thing is… Both barrels are standing next to each other!

And humanity’s most awesome players (from all barrels) know, you are sooooo bottom of the barrel!

Here’s how they know :

– You call other people names based in female identity like: pussy, bitch or girl.

– You buy whole-cloth the products of assholes who use decorative professionals to sweeten the deal seductively.

– You fly into a rage when a woman wins at anything, attacking the only aspects of femaleness you can appreciate like her appearance, clothing or body.

– You still haven’t noticed how porn shows men having sex AT women rather than WITH women.

– You think that you are owed sex somehow, for what, nobody knows.

– When reading about the secret life of women on the internet who bravely talk about abuse and harassment and how internet trolls are awful, you rush to comment and prove their point.

And of course,

– You are forever angry that you can’t take slices of bread out of a bag or handle a butter knife and broadcast this inability by asking random women on the internet to make you a sandwich.

Then there are the people who do not identify or care to fit in either barrel. These people are awesome because they understand the concept of gender, something that is mystical to most people !

You see maleness and femaleness are constructs that have been co-opted by purveyors of every product and service in our modern life since the 1950’s. What a woman is expected to be or look like and what a man is expected to be or look like are concepts that are used in marketing to sell you stuff. In our age of unlimited bandwidth, the ideals of masculinity and femininity are thrown into our eyeballs at a breakneck velocity until you get computer vision syndrome.

Again, these concepts are as old as time and nowhere is it more obvious than in national costumes where the appearance of men and women is highly decorative and homogeneous.

Extreme maleness and extreme femaleness are a huge lie, but they are also the national costumes of Americans today.


Where do you fit into the blow-job economy?


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  1. Ian

    Hey Eva, great article you have here! Just will like to ask to expand more on how you think these men should deal with themselves and improve. Also on how women can avoid or deal with such men when they do meet them.

    You write good articles but i felt this one ended prematurely just as it was reaching the peak of its content.

    Hope to see more work from you!
    – Ian

  2. Miss Eva Vavoom

    Avoid subscribing to other people’s world view and don’t compare yourself to others. Read books 🙂

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