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Today is International Unfollow Charlie Sheen Day. Since I didn’t follow his twitter, written by an employee, I don’t have to do anything. It’s almost impossible to avoid the ensuing memes but Charlie Sheen said that he is winning!!

I agree with Charlie Sheen on that one. For the past 20 years he has been a consistently rude abusive drug-crazed asshole yet managed to marry and make babies with beautiful women and become one of the highest paid actors on TV netting him enough revenues to pursue his life of compensated dating, boozing and partying for the rest of his life. He may be on the fast road to dying alone but his ‘right now’ is a wonderful example of getting everything and winning despite being a complete asshole along the way. The fact that he doesn’t deserve it has little to do with reality because he lives in a world of enablers and other men just like him. In Hollywood, the end justifies the ‘meanies’ and the money is as Donald Trump so eloquently states: “a way to keep score”.

So if money is good enough to keep scores for men, then it should be good enough to keep score for women. However, Sheen has taken to calling each and everyone of his former partners silly lying ‘gold diggers’ including the ones with whom he settled out of court. Now this is where I disagree with Mr. Sheen because no amount of compensation can make up for being shot at, having a knife against your throat and being threatened to have your head cut off, being thrown a chair at, being hit in the head for refusing Sheen sex or living in constant fear after being threatened with death. Abusive men think that if they are only insufferable assholes 10% of the time then they are 90% fantastic which is not the case. A lot of politicians seem to think that way too. If you are riding on a roller coaster that is known to injure riders only 10% of the time then 100% of your time forced to ride that coaster will be spent in total fear for your life.

I think it is a woman’s choice to be with whomever she wants to be and craft a relationship however she wants it regardless of outside influence or ‘norms’ imposed by society so I cannot make any comments about ‘The Goddesses’ (It would be hypocritical as I absolutely adore all the lovely ‘Gods’ around me.)

So we have established that Charlie Sheen is, in fact, ‘WINNING!!’ but another douchebag has a leg up on him. No I’m not even talking about Berlusconi here… Consistent manipulators, rapists and abusers who just happen to have more power and money than their victims always seem to come out on top, free to continue behaving in the vilest way. For instance, American Apparel CEO Dov Charney has created a confidential arbitration process so that his former female employees cannot accuse him of sexual assault publicly. This administrative manoeuvrings creates an opportunity for his victims to lodge a civil complaint in a way that does not bring negative attention to the company and keeps the criminal complaints at bay. His company makes exiting employees write a complimentary letter about him, sign a confidentiality agreement and sign away their right to sue him or the company. AA dangles a severance package of 2-5k to accomplish these goals. For someone who has been agonizing for weeks or months because they have lost their job it’s weak compensation but probably needed (working in a situation of violence or sexual harrasment is not sustainable at all so I can say from experience that once the boss goes over the line, it’s a sad day as one tries to figure out a way to get out without reprisal.) These procedures are a way for AA to legally harass any former female employee with suits if she comes forward but thanks to Ms. Morales, we will soon know for sure if these waivers are legally binding.

For employing teenagers with limited resources and literally screwing them out of their job with his lawyers’ help Dov Charney is a douchebag of a double winner!