The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch inspired Anna’s collection shown
in the last episode of The Fashion Show.

As a child I spent hours looking a this painting. We had a reproduction of this in three panels at home. Originally it seemed strange and pornographic. Today I find it quite entertaining and modern.

Can you spot the tit in the picture above?
How about the anal bead?

Click on the image and find the gerbil in a tube!

This painting delivers!

Anna’s collection was delightful.

It was not too matchy, in fact each piece could be declined into three garments and all of it is very sell-able. I loved her knit pieces which were very light and flowy espescially the one that incorporated a breastplate of long beads.

I loved the two dresses that were shown first.

But my favorite dress was the elephant print day dress…
It is sooo sexy secretary…

I want it!!!

While I think that all designers brought something great to the show,
Anna is the most obvious choice as her style and collection
is the most viable commercially.