Boobie Magnets from Buttonhead

These cheeky magnets are a rather inexpensive way to stick some sexy humor on your fridge. They remind me of gag products from the 70’s. I remember those products very well as many of my mom’s friends had them lying around their house. When I was too young to partake in adult conversations, I has fun playing with them. Do you remember those boob cups? What a wonderful gift for your favorite manbaby. I remember my favorite magical toy, it was two statues. One was a standing man with an erection and the other was a kneeling woman. When you put them close by, the magnets would always bring them back together. I don’t know if I would file this in important lessons to learn when you are 6 years-old… but I am still quite interested in magnets today. These days, my local sex shop owner admits that even in a time of plentiful selection of high end vibes and dildos her biggest source of revenue are [silly and juvenile] sex gag gifts.

1918 Fitness Ephemera from SurrenderDorothy.

Old books are silly but they can also be adorable. I must admit I like the shoes in this picture however working out in them, I would not do!

Vintage French/Italian Magazines – Glamour 1983 from VintageBookNook

To get back to entertainment I enjoyed when I was in kindergarten… I remember our upstairs neighbor having a lot of soap opera magazines with pictures. They were in French and Italian. They contained really beautiful pictures and drawings.

How to Attain and Practice The Ideal Sex Life 1940’s from TheCottageCheese

Old sexuality books are a favorite of mine. There are a few that I have my eye on right now but I’ve had to curtail the collecting for I do not wish to sustain a large lifestyle. My first sexuality-related book was The Happy Hooker by Xaviera Hollander. Of course, being only 13 at the time, I was not allowed to buy it but I found an alternative way of getting my hands on a copy.

Man Junior Magazine from 1967 from theuppitywoman

Beautiful photography of nude women are a bit hard to find these days. In an era when natural just isn’t good enough anymore, most models and porn stars will have artificial bits and pieces, tattoos or too much makeup. Vintage men’s magazines can be a great source of artistic nude of natural models mostly un-retouched. This picture from a 1967 Man Junior Magazine is quite stunning. While these magazines may cost a pretty penny today, you can find the same kind of photography on All the models are beautifully natural, unburdened with contrived costumes or glitzy makeup. Highly recommended!

Sexy Naked Men Playing Cards from MyCupRunnethOver

Is there a sexy men version of that dogs playing poker painting anywhere out there? That would be the vision I get when I read Sexy Naked Men Playing Cards but alas, this is a cheeky desk of cards with nude men. Personally I prefer guys dressed up and possibly enjoying some kind of manly sport or activity! Those decks were fairly common in the 80s. I have a deck like this though it is somewhat hardcore. It is interracial porn from the 70s-80s and it comes from Amsterdam. I should find a new home for it because it has gone unused for the past 15 years. I have posed for such a deck.  When it comes out I will have a souvenir of me with all of my wild and sexy friends.

Yoga Nude by Miriam Schulman from mimistudio

Etsy has a nice community of self-represented artists. Miriam Schulman is one of them. Though she has a list of nudes offered, it would seem her cats and dogs pictures are very popular. I find this whole ‘fetishization’ of pets a bit strange.

Blues Baby Print from NudesAndShoes

Shoes however, are a more obvious fetish! Bring together shoes and nudes and you get a lot of sexy and interesting prints from NudesAndShoes.

Sexy Letters: S&M from madnessofstash

Hang it in bold blue letters on your wall. It’s more literary than having a collection of whips and floggers.

Cheeky Pinback Button from beanforest

Or you could make a subtle reference to your masochistic needle bottom side with this lovely button.

Headdress an original Polaroid by Aaron Driggers from TSURUFOTO

While this piece is absolutely random, it is also fascinating in a way. There is no obvious way of searching for random fabulousness on Etsy, it’s a matter of looking around and browsing. The beautiful Becca is also available on other prints from Driggers.

Framed Nude Clay Art from oatmealcookie

Oatmeal Cookie offers a lot of beautiful female form jewelry in her store. Both beautiful and tasteful for almost everyday wear.

Mature Peep Show Coffee Cup from khpillips

Another artist who has incorporated the erotic into his work is North Carolina quilter and potter Keith Phillips. He has made peep show cups ‘for man’ or ‘for woman’. I for one would be much more interested in buying this cup ‘for man’ than one of a dude holding his schlong. All of his pottery is exquisite and the gumball/candy dispensers are quite novel.

In my next article I will point you to sellers who offer useful tools for your sex toy box.