I guess it’s a big deal because I only go out dancing once or twice a year. Last night was the annual Dukes of Drag takeover of Meow Mix, a monthly party for girls at Sala Rosa. The show was great, as usual and it will go on again on March 13th at Cafe Cleopatre on Saint-Laurent. I had planned to bring a few people but they all had previous engagements. Lloyd Jr. is on a Plane to Bali and Mon Pou (The Perfect Stranger) had a going away party for his roommate so I hung out and danced with my usual motley crew of Unholy Army gals. I don’t actually need to make arrangements, I seem to be randomly running into everyone I want or need to see these days anyway.

But I don’t feel like writing about the blessings of my life right now. I’m just living my life and enjoying it. It seems like others have the Instamatic and are documenting it too.