I just adore this video. The only boy I care to watch on Youtube talking about himself is Johnny Durham and if I ever make videos I’m totally going overexposed!

I had so much sushi for lunch. I left with Mr. P at just about noon and got back home at 3pm. That’s all you can eat, and I really mean sushi ;P But it was a really nice hug for the soul and when I got home the new young one was waiting for me. I should get him a blog nickname because he seems like a keeper. He helped me move a bunch of stuff from my ex’s house last week and he lives right next to Mr. P’s. It’s convenient because I need someone to help me sell the contents of Mr. P’s house so I might as well show the young one how to bag, tag and sell stuff on eBay. So we had a nice little social time in my living room full of book piles and they got to know each other outside of a loud club.

I used to have relationships configured into an asterisk (*) with me as the center point. There was no constant connection between the guys I dated. But now, with Web 2.0, everyone I see can easily see who else I am socializing with and it is changing the dynamics. I am developing relationships that end up configured in a pentagram. But I sincerely believe that there are men around me who would get along with each other very well. And while it’s fun to ideate and scheme with another person, it will be even more fun to do it with two or three…

So I got lots of virtual and in person cuddles today and lots of reassurance on long term commitment and that really warms me up. Now let’s hope I don’t meet my nemesis on the way to school and fall down again… Ouch!