The guys who asked me last week if I love him, after asking me to move in with him, gave me a huge box of Lindt chocolates yesterday. He then said as he dropped me off at my place: “When you eat your chocolates you should eat fruits at the same time so the ascorbate inhibits the oxidization of [noise….I flunked chemistry…noise] else the sugar causes aging.” Or something to that effect. And I just kissed him goodnight.

I swear he doesn’t have any romantic intentions towards me and he’s still blabbing on about how he’s going to fix me up with his buddy Ben, the ubergeek and inventor. I’m all like, sure, if he really is on the verge of becoming a trillionaire with his latest invention, he can buy me a local franchise of the ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’. The prospect of meeting someone handpicked by Mr. P is incredibly intriguing because he notices important personality traits about people and this ability has been very insightful. He is supposed to be a good matchmaker. Often he will start phrases with: “Well it’s because you are…” or “Well it’s because you do…” which is unheard of for me. Most people are too intimidated by me to dare give me any useful insight into how I am, or at least how I am with them, which would help me improve the relationship.

After my hamburger chat with his 4th neighbor I went to visit Mr. P’s house. I have to see if, in fact, it would make a nice place for me to squat, given that I foresee needing money to travel more in the next year (and therefore not being there much.) Mr. P and I also discussed this week being married on Thursdays. Actually, I think Tuesdays would be much better for me. Okay so I need to think this through a bit more.

The work involved in ridding his house of superfluous scientific equipment is immense! But then again he doesn’t necessarily want to get rid of it either because he foresees needing it in the future for some project or other. The problem is that I am the same way, it’s just my collections of art & craft material is neatly sorted and mostly out of the way! I am not sure there is enough room in his house for me and my posse. I picked up a bag of white pellets in the kitchen and said: “Tapioca!” to which he replied: “Noooo, it’s sodium silicate!” as if it is normal for anyone to have desiccant in a bag next to radioactive Polonium where I would have a neatly assembled array of spices and condiments. Look it up, Polonium is not a Spanish chicken spice mix. Also, I do not find random stacking, a predominantly male aesthetic movement, pleasing to the eye. I have to mention here that he does have a few girlfriends and he does get laid. The nerdy is just more entertaining to me. My faux-James May set up his alarm system as we left his house and I asked: “Why? Are you afraid people will break into your house to put their stuff there?!”

I’m watching UFC this morning. That’s ultimate fighting cats. They are so cute. They fight and roll around and have not yet figured out that they could simply just cuddle and kiss. The little girl is still winning every time but my fat tabby is no longer stressed out and he just goes with the flow.

I woke up at 7:30 but I waited an hour before waking up CJO. He had me wake him up on MLK day as well. I would do it everyday but I only set my alarm when my daughter is with me. CJO is in a good mood. Last Tuesday, I had given him a warning because he had been complaining a lot in the past week. I do not like whiny babies. It’s not my fault he can’t find his tools to fix his wiring. And also he should not constantly whine that he needs to get himself a slave to clean his house and suck his dick he should just work on finding one. I mean if I had contacts around where he lives I WOULD call someone to deliver cooked food to his house and if he liked her he could let her inside to clean his house and suck his dick. But I don’t have such wonderful girlfriends around there. But he did tell me yesterday that he may have found someone even though she is not that available. He said: “And she is safe.” to which I replied: “Safe as in, no mental disorders?!” He said: “No. Safe as in she is no threat to you.” After which he proceeded to explain to me how no outside influence can change what we have. How adorable is he?!

CJO has been in a better mood (and smiling widely which I love) so we have opened up the communication channel when it comes to sex and BDSM. This is something that has to be done! In 2 months I will spend 9 whole days with him! I’ve packed up those days full of classes, networking luncheons and dinners and trips to his favorite Martial Arts schools but I will still have to get along with him. I already have an insight into the overworked, underfed and cranky Man but that will be quite the test LOL. It’s a week of doing what he loves (he makes me feel included in that statement ahem…)

He’s going to teach a class on ‘Erotic Humiliation’ in March and that is a fun Pandora’s box to open. Most of what I write tends to deal with this topic, inadvertently, in a similar way that it is touched on in The Secretary. And yes CJO made fun of me for being very situational in the way I fantasize. I really find it more interesting to think about conversations or situations that could lead to sex than outright sex.

I have really fun and fascinating people in my life, I am so lucky !