It’s a rambling journal entry!

Fell asleep quite late last night. I am obviously high on oxytocin and endorphins and it’s keeping me awake. But at least it’s productive and inspired awake. I have figured out many novel ways to execute a bunch of plans. And Lord knows I load myself with overly eccentric goals and plans. But I decided that in 2009 I am going to do a lot of cool stuff, from simple pleasures to seemingly impossible plots.

Sometimes I just need to have the guts to ask for what I want.

I had an eventful three days resulting in a LOT of things to process. All good things really. I had a plan to have lunch with Lloyd Jr., drinks with TheBaku and dinner with Bearded DiCaprio on Friday. That was overly ambitious and too last minute to pull off (okay maybe the fact that it was -75 didn’t help either.) I was however quite tickled that my sweetie made me dinner. He ALWAYS takes me out to dinner unless I make him something. Unfortunately the freezing and thawing of my toes during travel to Verdun gave me the worst migraine… so we skipped out on playing Rock Band.

While I was on my way to Bearded DiCaprio’s (I waited for the train 1 hour!) I suddenly started wondering what it would be like to live with Mr. P. It’s all pragmatic really, I am getting tired of paying a fortune for this huge house. House = Yeah. Rent = Bleh. So Saturday afternoon, of course, Mr. P goes all U-Haul on me. WTF?! But really it’s for the same pragmatic reasons as me. It’s more complicated than that. But we didn’t talk about it when we went out Saturday. He and I are very bad at communicating that we are friends. Everyone thinks we are a romantic couple. We are friends with benefits but we are not fuck friends. Are you confused also!? Then your confusion amuses us greatly. Mr. P and I get along swimmingly and he has passed my six month consideration process (the amount of time it takes me to develop trust and become attached to someone.) But then Mr P. listens to me talking to someone else and says: “I didn’t know you were looking for a husband?!” Duh! So we obviously have more discussions to have.

On Saturday I also ran into TheBaku. I was haaappeee to see him! I got interrogated AND lectured by him! Oh yes he did! After inquiring about who I was with at the party, he proceeded to share his opinion on my propensity to spend quality time with my exes. On top of that, this conversation happened after Mr. P purposefully malfunctioned my attire to embarrass me. I have to give it to him, TheBaku has character AND a sense of humor! I’ve been a fan what he does for a while and I am becoming a fan of who he is. But sincerely, there are already way too many people in my life with ADD!!! Maybe next time I see him I will be interrogated, lectured AND scolded LOL Progress is good in a relationship and he does it in a very sweet way! It would be very hard for me to pretend to be all demure and nice as he contacted me on a naughty website for perverts… a website that HE built! Hahahaha! It’s his fault I’ve rekindled my relationship with with Mr. P and met CJO and a become friends with a lot of other people who influence me to be naughtier! It ALSO emboldens me to totally objectify and fetishize him in the way I write and talk to him. Here’s what I see when I see TheBaku. Drooool. But he’s not blonde so kudos to him LOL I only fantasize about cooking dinner for him and taking latin dancing classes with him. That’s my story and I am sticking to it!

I think this is going to be a five part post… no really!