I don’t know what possessed me to ask Mr. P. if he wanted to go to a party but I did. I had attended Mistress Jade’s birthday dinner in November but Yoshi and I skipped on the play party. Last time I went to a party was in late May at the last Fetish 4 Play in Montreal. I like going to parties to meet people I know of but haven’t met in person yet. It’s always a surprise who will be there. We went to Le Manoir des Bougainvilleas which is so far out of anywhere I would normally go. What a well equipped place they have.

That being said we spent most of the time on the couch chatting and petting LOL I always love having a nice head to pet. We talked about relationships, plane crashes (his) and physical science. It was almost like being on a date with James May. He is the only person who has ever verbalized what I do as a Domina. I raise Dominants. Yup… Righteous, Assured and Fearless. Why raise serfs when you can raise Lords?

I was fun to be at a play party without being in charge of anyone.  The crowd was mostly francophone and people there didn’t really know what to make of us, constantly asking if I was his submissive. LOL I had a simple empire waist dress and whispy hair bun and he was wearing all black with a sports jacket. Mr P is a Sadist and I am NOT a masochist (well I scream and wimper in an entertaining way but it gets old for me very fast.) We are friends. Last night Mr P was in the mood to pleasure me. Good for him… err. me!

I got to meet a Dom I had wanted to run into for a long time. Rope artist and geek. Not pretentious at all, he oozes sincerity and realness. It’s quite rare! As he was leaving he came over to say goodbye to Mr P. I was on my back leaning against Mr P discreetly masturbating just listening to them talk and after he said goodbye he just spent a little while standing there looking at my face, then he simply turned around and left. That gave me a nice jolt! I wonder if I am enjoying being specifically denied or just playfully ignored because it fits my agenda…