My local IGA has a very well defined bachelor trajectory. In fact it must be the most planned out part of any supermarket. However, it is separated into two areas. Confirmed Bachelor and Overgrown Teenager. These two areas are connected by the Milk Lane. The Confirmed Bachelor starts with the prepared food and fancy frozen food which are products also consumed widely by the Overworked Mom. The Overgrown Teenager section has frozen pizzas, pizza pockets, pop, chips and beer with a convenient Nut Alley just before the cash registers. These are areas that you can go to without having to ever concern yourself with anything un-processed or un-packaged like ingredients, fruits and vegetables. Because I go into the aisles, I usually avoid these areas. But once in a while I find truly mind boggling things in there.

This is obviously marketed to ‘adults’ because it is called a panini rather than a sandwich. It microwaveable toast!!!

I can understand why people eat cereal for dinner, I do that too sometimes but who buys microwavable toasts or already cooked spaghetti for that matter!?!