Every day Col. Jack O’Neill calls all happy and thankful my first thought is always “Oh, he must have gotten the gift I sent him in the mail.” But no, he’s just like that. I sure hope my gift is not lost. It’s heartbreaking to lose unique handcrafted things in the mail but it happens. This week he asked me to call him at work which I thought was odd. But then again it comes from my interpretation of what working at a defense facility is. My dad (150% Nerd) used to work in an office that was guarded 24 hours a day by two soldiers, one American, one Canadian, each holding a key to one of the three locks on the door. My dad had the other one. That’s so Cold War! But I did call CJO and he sounds adorable when he answers the phone in his ‘serious protocol military tone’.

I am not at all embarrassed or ashamed to have developed my ability to giggle about the simple things in life!

Phase one of our little project together is done. Phase two is purely social/marketing and will net us Phase three which is going to happen in 2009. Incidentally Phase three we will work at in person. I am now just as excited about that as he has been for the past month.

Other than that my life is taking a more corporate turn and I may be scarce around here. Happy Holidays to all!