Tomorrow there’s an all day nerd herd get together and and all night queer girl sex party. Don’t tell the nerds about what the girls are up to! Tempting. Of course these prospects are not as exciting as the plans I could come up with on my own. Today is, after all, last day of semester.

Somebody chain me to a radiator!

Nah! Priorities are: Making something special for dinner & interesting (or silly) conversation. Ideally with someone new-ish.

I am never as lonely after spending a whole week alone as I am after a full week of interacting with kids and other parents.I’ve been thinking of blending my custody week so that each of us would have a free night in the middle of the week. I may need to do that anyway as I have a class to prepare and teach early next year.

This weekend is a gift as it is the last one before Christmas madness and on Monday I am starting two new projects. Christmas used to be a treat and an occasion to eat my grandmother’s food. For the past few years since she has passed away, it’s been dreadful. Now my brother is taking over the tradition.