A while back I changed my status in Facebook to single (from undeclared.) I was curious to know who would take notice either publicly or privately. Funny comments on the change from “aww shucks!, to Congratulations!” making it obvious there are ‘sphreres’ of knowledge about my private life in my acquaintances. Giggles. Getting a lot of compliments on the weight loss which I used to think was creepy (espescially coming from almost strangers) but now it’s nice because I am OBVIOUSLY thinner and it doesn’t sound like a weird socially retarded line.

Followed a lot of interesting convos about chastity and abstinence on the BDSM boards. I suspect it will take a long time before I have actual insight into how it is to not have a sex life. So far I’ve been more busy having PMS from Hell. But I feel happy (even though I keep getting the quasi-daily boohoo! and attitude from the one I still have to work with.)

Right now I am totally enamored with someone I cannot be with. Argh!

My nurturing heart aches because I have no guy to dote on but my big tabby cat. Yesterday, I was super down because of it. I just have to transfer that effort to me and to my work, espescially the current opportunity that can put me back into the industry as if I haven’t left. I’ve been on the ‘Fuck you corporations and your antiquated expectation of 9-5 productivity, I’m working from home’ sick leave for 2 years. Every few years I get an opportunity to write my own job description and paycheck and I have failed to capture these opportunities since being crushed in between two cars (can’t bring myself to call it theĀ  accident as it was negligence.) I have to regain confidence in my ability to conform to the regular work schedule. I mean, I do, at home but there’s no time-sucking commute. I’m working on writing my health-related activities into my job description and if that means shooting for a 4-day a week V.P. job then it’s worth a try.

Today I’m celebrating being totally pain free! So far it’s been ten(10) days without pain killers (but 4 aspirins.) Soon, as if maybe tomorrow, I switch to decaf coffee.

This week I am going to get stuff done before the new contract and whip a few people who are late on their homework, like CJO (who, until recently, didn’t even use MSN and just bought a webcam! Left the cutest ‘I just got me a webcam!’ message on my answering machine – how 1998 of him!) He is in danger of falling victim to the time-sucking hobby of being ‘accessible’ to his young female ‘fans’. It’s kind of cool to ‘see him’ (I put my fake nerdy glasses on and then spent 15 minutes chewing gum and popping bubbles in his ears. Made him laugh. I’ll come up with something else for next time.) I think camming is initially novel but quickly unproductive. I’ve only very rarely used mine. I will tell him things about using a webcam that Clay Aiken was obviously never told!

I am also planning to head back to the nunnery for a week (I was never a nun, just stayed there for a few days in 1991.) No tech, no phones, no tv, just me and the chicks who are married to the Jebus and actually live on the other side of the a locked gate. Will definately sneak in some books and embroidery/knitting. When I told my daughter this she giggled as if ‘nuns’ are funny characters from a movie. Am not sure she would find it fun there, espescially in the middle of winter.