That sounds way less appealing than my former title of polyamorous MILF with 3 boyfriends. But it’s fair and it’s an important step and I will fully assume it. I am actually not afraid to remain a cat lady, I even own plastic shoes (the sandals, not the clogs.) but I own nothing with cats on it… yet?! I am actually wearing an incredibly old T-Shirt with a bat on it… I’m not BatGirl, I’m SendMail girl 🙂

Today I am having lunch with The General. He is an expert on the topic of me. As usual he should find entertainment in the stories of my love life and again, tell me I am crazy. But we have known each other for so long that he can actually see that my crazy plans work out, however improbable or seemingly pointless. I do give myself way too much trouble to accomplish what I want but that ends up being my Unique Selling Position. I am much better at making improbable things happen in my personal life than I am at earning money to survive. I am more of a social hacker than a business one.  Though I am pondering seriously how I am going to turn my personal view on life and my creativity into an actual job. But that’s a medium-term goal because I can develop that as I dote on my husband because men make great muses. I’m only looking for ONE though.

Thanksgiving is over and Col. Jack O’Neill is back (He’s kind of a Mark Anthony sincerely and it worries me sometimes. In any case CJO (c.1994) requires less letters than That Hot Southern Piece of Man Candy.) He sent me the high-res versions from his last publicity shoot. He was actually with some hot young thang this weekend. Which I took to mean that he is emotionally available and makes due on his promises. I’m looking for a really awesome guys and I cannot prevent girls from throwing themselves at him. He is getting a bit territorial but hey, there isn’t much I can do about that either. I am just on my own path here.

The General told me I settle… Ouch, that’s cold but he’s usually right about stuff.

So in order not to settle I have to decide if I am better off with the super hot jock who calls me everyday, treats me right and informs me on a regular basis of how interested he is in me. Or should I choose the super hot geek who inspires me a lot but works really hard to be a capricious asshole and makes sure to avoid giving me everything I require even though he is always super complimentary and positive in every conversation we have.

I have ALWAYS chosen option number 1 over option number 2 and I settle?!

Oh dear, here I go being poly again and taking inspiration from number 2 while enjoying attention from number 1… I don’t know what’s up with number 3, he’s all like hurry-up and wait and I threw him in the ‘he’s not that into me’ bin I think the extent of our relationship will be for me to make an exception and buy WIRED when they start gushing over him and make him a cover boy.

Granted I am just introspecting out loud here as none of this has to lead anywhere anytime soon. I have completely changed my aim and goals so I am all into the process of making good choices based on what I want and need for the long term. I also deleted my OKCupid profile. Sure it gives me access to geeky guys but it’s not focused enough.

I have been writing a lot in the past few days. It’s putting me to bed really late but it’s good stuff. It’s just ill-edited which means I had to rework this post 4 times ! I am also practicing the art of writing blurbs and being succinct. And, I am working on a short podcast series. I need an anglo who can record himself talking in French. I haven’t asked anyone I know yet but really it’s very short words or phrases.

I have gotten started making my Christmas presents and tokens of appreciations. By now I have 6 weeks of TV Series to watch so that will keep me company as I sew, embroider and bead.

I have no more boyfriends so there’s plenty of time ahead of me!