This might seem like a simple thing to do and it’s pretty strange that the subject hasn’t come up yet. So mommy should say: “So some girls like girls and they are called Lesbians!” End of story.

However, what happens when my daughter meets my dozen girlfriends and identifies them as lesbians. Will they bite her head off like they bite mine off when I ever utter the “L” word? My friends who would identify as lesbians are actually in the closet (one even to ME!) and all others identify as something else. They are “Queer” or some other term I suspect they may have made up like “hottiesexual” (all fun terms to mean bisexual.) For the most part I do not want to get into what each one of these terms means to a 7-year old who fast forwards through the kissing in High School Musical.

My only bisexual girlfriend whom I “really” like, and my daughter met once, decided to be a dude so I already explained the situation to my daughter. This is a way more complicated subject that I take to heart because it took me 20 years of pondering to understand what gender is and is not.

My daughter may not remember it but she has a girlfriend who likes to kiss girls (who’s married mom keeps hitting on me) however they have moved to the US. Originally I was annoyed that she would go around kissing the other girls, including mine, because of germs but then let it go.

But even then, someone who kissed a girl and liked it is not exactly a lesbian or even bisexual for that matter!