In his article The death of news credibility Avi points out a recent bait and switch tactic used by CNN to pull in viewers on a cover story about sex abuses linked to UN and humanitarian workers in many areas of the world.

CNN must have hired a top notch keyword crammer from the porn industry because this story will score high for people looking for Group Sex and Penis Suck.

The story of unethical activities and child/teen abuse within UN forces has been reported in serious and credible media like BBC for almost 6 months. In fact CNNs lack of coverage on the issue can be used as yardstick to measure their lack of regard for truly important issues that face the World. On the linked page you can see CNN’s coverage of UN Abuse on the left and on the right General Web results about the same keywords.

Not convinced? Try to find CNN’s Africa news page. Compare CNN’s Africa coverage with BBC‘s and Radio France Internationale‘s. There are situations brewing in Africa that will affect the rest of the world in th next 30 years, yet CNN does not seem to understand Africa’s place in the chain of things.

CNN, who’s humanitarian reporting is almost nil, did not make reports of abuse within the U.N. a cover story until it had enough pornography in it to excite the viewer’s curiosity.