I have spent most of the past 2 months sick on every free weekend I had, and come to think of it on every not-free weekend too. Every two weeks I have a childless Saturday afternoon and evening that I may use for the purpose of ‘wasting’ the day away. The next day (Sunday) I usually have a very productive uninterrupted day of inspired creative work.

This means that on Thursday afternoon I begin to dream about what I could do on that day. Right now I am thinking about how great it would be to spend my whole Saturday afternoon knitting and watching all the Julie Delpy movies I have not yet seen.

Here’s my problem… tomorrow I should catch up on housework I was not able to do while sick. I also have a quasi-professional event and a gig in the evening to go to. Will I go? I really want to get out of the house!

I have a solution for this and it is to take my lover up on his offer to have a whole-day date (on Sunday) which is basically the same thing as my version except with sex and video games. Hmmm… let me make a few phone calls.