Here is a list of recent search terms used to find stuff here. These are only the funny or perplexing phrases that are not covered in my blog.

big brother poland sex (now I have to download that)
free sex in montreal (sex is free everywhere)
want marry free (those mail-order bride are getting too expensive?)
dog hood fetish (Once tried to find info on the web because my dog was getting unfortunate erections, not even going to Google that one.)
cute pictures of 13 year olds (Try Sears Catalog)
free sex in toronto (again, sex is free everywhere)
free sex pron online in ask .com (try
free sex puke video (Hey I know where those are but I won’t tell you!)
fun sex in montana (Montana has the most single men per women, I’d find fun sex there in 10 minutes flat! Hmmm… cowboys!)
is tilda swinton a transexual? (That would be cool, but no!)
jump porn (I feel for you sweeties, I really miss Girls jumping on trampolines too.)
kingsize sex (Yes, sex is better on a king size bed)
lover sex apple (Err, try a banana, less dangerous)
miss vavoom sex (You wish!)
mom free sex (Do you shovel snow? Nothing is free you know?!)
private phone number for sex saint laurent (Try Craigslist)
sex 13 years school free (Again not sure I am reading this right)
pussy sex 13years (Ah those magical 13 year olds)
scar sex free (Could you be more vague?)
show blood coming out of your prons show free pictures (Try here!)
unhappily ever after insult relationship (hmmm, gotta look this up)
wanking blog (wanker!)
watch transsexuals having sex for free (One word of advice, it’s more fun to watch transsexuals having sex in person than on the Internet)
weak free sex (don’t get it)