I have been thinking in English since I was about 12. I started watching soaps and game shows in English when I was 5-6. Then I realized I didn’t have to wait years to see CHiPs or my other favorite shows in French.

After that, I just learned everything in my new adopted language and became obsessed with info-tainment in the form of 20/20, Dateline and 48 hours, travel shows and This Old House.

Can you believe the term info-tainment used to mean: “News stories produced in short interesting segments.” (my own description). Today the term “info-tainment” doesn’t exist anymore because the word “news” refers to never-ending descriptions of Britney Spears panty-less partying.

So it’s fair to say that I have not been pondering semantics in French for a long time. I thought this video was precious. Basically it goes through the male definition for a large amount of French words then exposes the fact that the feminine version simply means: “whore”. A simple example of this in English would be Dog/Bitch. Luckily the French feminine version of programmer still means programmer!