You know most people come here looking for ‘permission to say cock’ although by default this site ranks somewhere with the terms ‘free sex’. Now there are many sites that promise free sex so I only get visits if someone writes ‘free sex something weird and unrelated’.

Can you believe someone reserved the domain name There is nothing there but anyhow, funny.

I have run out of things to watch with James in it. James on music, food and technology is much more accessible to me than cars. Getting 50%-100% James content in 20th Century and Oz and James has been delightful. One day I will write down exactly why I think that James is an amazing guy and not just post random funny bits about him.

While double checking on some strange James May related search terms that people used to come here, I stumbled onto two delightful things.

I am posting the best picture of James I ever found. He is sitting in a jet engine!

James May Jet Engine
(Picture BBC, Article: James May’s 20th Century)

In the meantime, I share this video of James eating rotten shark like a man and making fish pie. Four hours to make fish pie!? It only takes me three hours to make sushi for 4 people! Still, gotta ask James for his recipe and try it.