I saw Orlando when I was 21. I highly recommend this movie to everyone and want to see it again soon. I have been intrigued with Tilda Swinton since then. She is very mysterious, beautiful and regal looking. I like it when I know little about actors, it makes them more believable with each role.

Recently the press has been all over Tilda for taking her lover to the Oscars. People speculate about her family arrangements as if they understand it. They don’t. I do not think that her life is much different from that of other folks who are a bit more evolved and can see beyond the traditional rules of marriage. I think people who can manage family and love beyond the 1+1 ratio should be praised. If they do it openly, they should be praised even more! Having a non-traditional family situation is hard work!

Tygrbabe attracted my attention to this article on Polyamory in Wired Magazine. Everyone should learn about polyamory and discuss it with their friends or lovers. It’s not so much a sex issue as it is one of friendship, relationship, honesty and love. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself poly or mono, the process will invariably trigger some interesting conversations or arguments about how each thinks adults should relate to each other.

Here’s another idea: Let’s have a cooperative reality show (Survivor style but in comfortable digs) where one of the teams is made up of poly people and the other one has only swingers (two very different categories of lovers most often lumped in together.) Now lets see how they interact within their own team and with the other. That would be just too interesting.