TagTheSponsor is a website that follows the slimy concept and tactics of TheDirty. TheDirty is a website devoted to shaming and ridiculing regular people (well, women really) under the guise of keeping people accountable. TagTheSponsor is more about policing the lives of strangers, notably, beautiful women on Instagram. While their tactics may come off as pure misogyny, the process is a bit more complicated. They function more like a revenge porn site.ha Here women, who are accused of being ‘professional companions’, are shamed for associating with Middle Eastern socialites and basketball players.

“These men kinda seem like broke haters.” – MrsJeremyMeeks

Yes, you read it right, the wholesale misogyny, shaming and harassment of supposed sex workers on Instagram isn’t even about women. TagTheSponsor is throwing these women under the bus to serve a seemingly racist proxy penis measuring contest between themselves and the moneyed Black and Muslim men who hoard the resources they feel are ‘theirs’. Or as Philosothot puts it…

“This is just hateful. I suppose it’s easier to go after the girls than the men who pay them.” – Philosothot

TagTheSponsor’s apparent game is tagging the #sponsor. So I will play along. TagTheSponsor’s sponsor is former porn star and energy drink mogul Jay Grdina.

And here’s the actual process of the site in a very fresh tweet…

It’s terrifying to witness men collaborating to victimize women. TagTheSponsor tweeted, a few days later, a video of a woman defecating into a plate. This video was obtained using the exact same tactic as all the content on their website. Someone pretends to be rich, feigns a desire for discretion, offers the women an arbitrary but substantial amount of money for travelling to Dubai and providing sex and companionship. This fraudulent premise is the basis for talking women out of as many intimate photos as possible and getting them to consent to as many sex acts as possible. The shaming of these women is then outsourced to strangers by releasing the photos on the website, Twitter and Instagram. The fans of TagTheSponsor are seemingly oblivious to the incredibly predatory nature of this. To them, it is much more shameful to wake up one day and have your life intruded upon by a con man, than it is to pull a premeditated con job on someone.

None of this is specifically surprising. It’s simply a demonstration of the difference between manhood and toxic masculinity. While an adult man may celebrate manhood in an independent manner and for its own sake, a subscriber to toxic masculinity must violate other men and women’s consent to demonstrate their masculinity. This behaviour happens within well-defined mediocracies ruled by the worst or loudest. Masculinity is emotionally expensive for everyone. If you are defined in such a superficial way (as a masculine man, the opposite of a feminine woman), you will find yourself having to defend your masculinity all the time. Men and women react differently in this kind of community. For instance, when toxic males attack a certain group of women, let’s say ‘whores’, community women will protect themselves by pointing the finger to ‘That Ho Over There’. People are just… people reacting to other people. They don’t necessarily have obvious or immediate power over where they get stuck in life.