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Month: April 2015

Vavoomcyclopedia: Obstinance Education

Abstinence education is bad and so is obstinence education.

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On the Subject of Regrettable Sexual Experiences

This article refers to the anonymous concern trolling article posted in Thought Catalog titled “Wait A Second, Did Amy Schumer Rape a Guy?“.

I am going to answer the question posed in the article even though it seems like it is the commentators who require a fair dose of education about the topic of the article. In fact this Question “Wait A Second, Did Amy Schumer Rape a Guy?” is somewhat similar to a question I read on Reddit after the Broad City episode “In Heat” where Abbi continued to have sex with her date (Male Stacy) after he falls asleep.

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Are you a Bottom of the barreller?

Years ago I wrote a post about Rush Limbaugh, one of America’s premium ‘bottom of the barreller’. Now I read it again and see how quaint because everybody known we live in a post-knowledge world. But that’s a topic for another day.

Today, you don’t have to have a syndicated radio show to broadcast to the world that you are bottom of the barreller (BotB), you can simply have a Twitter or Facebook account. Heck, even places that used to be awesomely human are now overrun by threatened angry men who proudly identify as a BotB (though they may know know what that is.)

But why?

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