I wrote a post intended to demystify the criticism that men place on a woman’s appearance and sexuality a month ago. That post was mostly inspired by stories of girls posting ‘Am I Beautiful?’ videos on Youtube and the kind of unbelievably mean unrequited comments men (boys) make on Youtube videos about ANY videos featuring young women (regardless of the subject).

Little did I know that so many prominent men with a large audience would parrot the dissected behaviors in public in the following weeks!

After a year of hinting at it in various creepy ways, right wing zealots in the U.S. have officially decided to wage a war against women, I am even more worried for young women, including teenagers.

Rush is Vandalizing The Lives of Girls!

When adults propagate lies about contraception and stigmatize women on the Pill by calling them sluts and whores, it filters into the rest of our lives. When Rush Limbaugh attacks a successful and educated woman on the radio, it diminishes all our accomplishments and vandalizes the everyday life of girls everywhere who will have to put up with more attacks from ignorant hate mongers and bullies in high school and college. And if Limbaugh’s 3-day tirade on Sandra Fluke wasn’t enough of a clue to his mysoginy, the following week he attacked an award-winning journalist and writer calling her “Overeducated”.

Here’s a thought:
Seeing a daughter make it through
law school, get published and win
awards probably makes all
parents really proud.

Does Rush really think his listeners hate their daughters as much as he does?

Sex Is Not Evil!

Sex is important. Sexuality is a much broader topic beyond ‘the having of the sex’. Sex is a skill, a set of knowledge, a quintessentially wonderful bonding activity for lovers. Sex is an important part of adult life. Sex gets better with age. The way one feels about sex and the quality of the sex they are having is directly linked to happiness (or lack thereof). Sex is simply part of the life of most adults, like sleeping and eating. Get over it!

We women bear the burden of sex. As soon as we are sexually active, we are the ones who are mostly at risk for STIs, unwanted pregnancies and violence (both emotional, psychological and physical). Women don’t refuse condoms, men do. Many women choose the pill out of necessity and it is a necessity for decades! While men only need to use a condom those times they do have sex we have to take a pill everyday even whether we have sex 3 or 333 times a year. If we forget, then the whole month’s effort is null and void. Birth control is not a sex-related responsibility, it’s a lifelong responsibility intrinsically linked to health and quality of life for women and their WHOLE family. Most women are on birth control, a statistic that seems constant across all walks of life. The burden is already large on women of reproductive age but it’s not enough for old white and orange men who continue to enact anti-human and misogynistic laws while displaying shocking ignorance on the subject (and even content of their bills).

Free speech: Sometimes, You Get What You Pay For…

Rush Limbaugh may be free to have constant inflammatory verbal diarrhea on his show but he seems to think he doesn’t have to be 100% responsible for what comes out of his mouth. You can say what you want but have to accept the consequences. Say something untrue, stupid or miss-leading and critics who will call you on your lies, ignorance and misrepresentations. Hate on accomplished young women day-after-day and people will start to pretend they don’t know you. Here and there, there will always be under-informed people who thinking that the right to free speech makes their lies true or their ignorance knowledge and that is sad. In Canada we have the same right to free speech as in the U.S. but generally speaking people who have an audience tend to not want to come off as complete ignorant fools when speaking or writing in public. There is no specific fetishization or celebration of stupidity or ignorance in Canada… yet… Sure, we have some monumentally stupid people here too but they don’t wind up with a syndicated national radio show. Even our anchorpeople are actual mature human beings with knowledge about or a sincere interest in the news they are talking about! U.S.-style stupidity is slowly creeping in on (Fox-like) Sun TV and on one particularly embarrassingly dumb trash radio station from my hometown but it’s still very much avoidable.

But what I now see in U.S. media is that the factual news is being replaced by gossip (sometimes billed as opinion) and comments (which devolve into off-topic hate speech and right-left feuds only a few moments after a story is published on most sites). Investigative journalism is being replaced by instigative journalism (where concerned parties’ comments are billed as attacks even if tame to avoid having to fact-check and provide context to the meat of the story.) The concept of news is getting really close to the bottom of the toilet bowl and soon, nobody will be able to save it from being flushed away forever.

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