Whenever I write a long-winded post about how entertainingly fantastic my life is, I lose it. Recently my old hard drive died taking along with it a post about the day-to-day description of the best week ever. Almost everyday is the best day ever but writing about it seems like gloating but that post had some funny bits.

Most of what I find fascinating about the soap opera that is my life is the connection I feel to my friends and lovers. It is that trust and comfort that allows for free and open face to face communication. For the past two decades my entire professional life has been spent dealing with things in the virtual world. Over the past 5 years I have managed to create a deep connection with people in the real world because I see how online is eroding the connection we have to each other. It makes my life truly joyful everyday to create and nurture those connections.

I recently fired my boss. I am not talking about the hot ‘daddy’ that is my supervisor but the guy above him… the guy that is so ‘connected’ he never looks up from his Blackberry or iPad to talk to his employees. I find that unacceptable. My boss was not universally disliked but I think he provided little in the way of leadership and was perhaps the least value-added person I have ever met. I often talk about leadership because it is a misunderstood skill that too few people have. However, my boss’ absenteeism provided me with the immense freedom of suggesting some cool improvements and networking with a lot of key people in the company. Perhaps one day my boss will find out about what I did at work when one after the other all his directors say: “It’s too bad Eva left, she would have known how to fix this problem.” I once called my boss an imbecile within earshot of others (and I had valid reason) therefore it was useless for me to be all happy-go-lucky and positive towards him after he got a slap on the wrist for being a stranger and HAD to come over and talk to me. I changed department despite his “Give us a chance…” because his general douchebaggery is progressively pushing out all the best employees. Since he tweeted about being underpaid, he will likely use the ‘cachet’ provided by his current position to land a similar position elsewhere.

I do not plan on leaving the company unless my other projects make it impossible for me to find enough time in my schedule for a full-time job. I love poking at every part of a big beast just to figure out a path to accomplishing great things. But I can also accomplish things on my own so I am giving myself the freedom to be myself in the process. This way I can align myself with compatible leaders and not scared shit less managers. It’s not easy trying to convince a huge company in reactive mode to take a moment to relax, breathe and plan to be innovative, different and fantastic. There is risk in being fantastic… and its harder ‘to accomplish than simply copying what everyone else is doing. I took a 35% pay cut to join a big company in an entry-level job that is completely different that what I usually do. I have gone form managerial to technical starting back at the very bottom. In return I have gotten a very interesting ‘undercover boss’ experience. Now I am moving into nerd central with all the engineers and it’s going to be a different experience… because I love nerds and engineers!