PETa offers actresses the opportunity to pose naked and attract attention to themselves and re-energize or boost their career or rise their decorative stardom. Let’s face it, there are few people who advocate for the kicking of puppies, so a PETA ad is safe and as a bonus, delivers all the attention-whoring punch of a Playboy pictorial without the stigma.

I appreciate Sasha Grey’s effort to diversify her activities and career but while some of my guy friends talk incessantly about how hot she is, they have yet to read her mainstream media articles or interviews or watch her mainstream movies. The Sasha Grey conversation begins and ends rather quickly. I think her fan base is ONLY interested in her lack of a gag reflex. Not sure PETA will reach the porn gobbling masses with this message.

The day that the millions of children who are enslaved into work or sexual slavery (espescially girls) get to go to school and get at minimum a 10th grade education, I will start to really care about the general welfare of cats and dogs in North America. People should not contribute to PETA financially because it has no significant effect on global welfare. In North America, pets are products and even people who vehemently scold others about animal welfare dress up their toy dogs and drive the market for questionable practices of massively inbreeding expensive dogs leaving them susceptible to terrible congenital malformations and painful diseases. Treatment of animals is unlikely to change until people recognize that animals are animals and not anthropomorphized accessories that drive a billion dollar pet accessory industry.

While pets will never seek revenge on us for mistreating them, millions of forgotten, mistreated and enslaved children around the world will eventually wreck havoc on a global scale… or at least those who survive to adulthood.

Don’t give money to Peta, instead, foster cats and dogs from the shelter so they are not stuck in a cage for months I’ve done it! If you can’t have a dog full-time, it is a pleasant experience to keep a cast-off puppy from the shelter and properly socialize it. In fact, you should encourage everybody who shows interest in buying a cat or dog to do this for a month just to make sure they understand the implications of ADULT pet ownership.

If they reply: “But I want a cute puppy!” Kick them for me!

ETA: Given that my neutered male cat, can be convinced to have sex by an un-spayed female, the message on the ad wasn’t necessarely true… so I re-mixed it to something factual and straight-to-the-point.