Jobs in the First Earth (Battalion) are based on capabilities. Sex, age, color, or religious preferences are not considerations. Culture has, however, programmed men and women so that they feel pressure to relate to each other sexually. This sexual protocol can be overcome by a series of extended exercises requiring the absolute interdependence of all participants until a level is trust is developed that supersedes and rises above any kind of sexual relationship. Fortunately love is still the by-product. (First Earth Battalion Field Manual, Jim Cannon, 1979)

I recently learned about this New Agey experimental army project when Jon Ronson, author of The Men who Stare at Goats made an appearance on The Colbert Report last week. While I think that this Cannon dude smoked some good shit, the whole process of ‘winning the heart of the enemy through amorous gestures and sparkly eyes’ intrigued me. I then found the above passage in the field manual and I though it made a lot of sense. In fact it’s been my tactic for a while now and it works fantastically well.

Of course it also dawned on me that I am most likely intimately connected to one of them sparkly eyed psychic spies… When confronted he said: “I can’t talk about those things…” Well, it’s not like it’s classified anymore, the frickin’ manual is on the Internet! And maybe if I had been involved in such crazy research in the eighties I wouldn’t want to talk about it either LOL The Daddy and I are going see the movie together when I meet his family on Thanksgiving.

The Men Who Stare at Goats is coming out as a film starring two of my favorite hunks of man meat George Clooney and Ewan McGregor. And of course it’s been made into a goofy comedy.

But speaking of dubious research… I’ve been reading with great delight Mary Roach‘s Bonk. It is filled with gems of dubious research about sexuality through the 20th century.

When I bought the book I was actually looking for Becoming Batman: The Possibility of a Superhero and I had a sales girl hanging on me helping me to find the book. Usually when faced with a cute Chapter’s sales clerk I ask for the most perverted book I can think of just to see their reaction. But this time I simply said that I had to give this book to my boyfriend because it proves he has twice as much training as Batman. And she was all fascinated with this book she had never heard of. She said: “This may sound completely geeky but it must be a fascinating book!” I really need to get myself simple business cards with only my name and e-mail on them. This nerdy chick was really cute.. I missed a score!

I am spending the weekend in New York City. I have the use of a studio on the Upper West Side conveniently close to a man I am looking forward to meeting. He has written on the topic of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), something that is still largely misunderstood. I’m going to try to be aloof and not spend my whole time talking about his work however fascinating it is. Quick, think of charming girlie topics! Actually I hope we can go see Capitalism: A Love Story together.

It came out at work last week that I have more than one boyfriend. I made a point to say that I do not find men, that they find me. My co-worker, who is in a sense my client as I solve his technical SEO issues, joked that I was well-referenced. And I thought this was a great metaphor! However, there is more to being conveniently found by guys who want to get to know me, I have to have a hook and pertinent content to back it up so they subscribe to my feed Hahaha!