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Month: July 2009

In the Garden of Eathly Delights with Anna


The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch inspired Anna’s collection shown
in the last episode of The Fashion Show.

As a child I spent hours looking a this painting. We had a reproduction of this in three panels at home. Originally it seemed strange and pornographic. Today I find it quite entertaining and modern.

Can you spot the tit in the picture above?
How about the anal bead?

Click on the image and find the gerbil in a tube!

This painting delivers!

Anna’s collection was delightful.

It was not too matchy, in fact each piece could be declined into three garments and all of it is very sell-able. I loved her knit pieces which were very light and flowy espescially the one that incorporated a breastplate of long beads.

I loved the two dresses that were shown first.

But my favorite dress was the elephant print day dress…
It is sooo sexy secretary…

I want it!!!

While I think that all designers brought something great to the show,
Anna is the most obvious choice as her style and collection
is the most viable commercially.

I [HEART] Risqué Stuff on ETSY

Boobie Magnets from Buttonhead

These cheeky magnets are a rather inexpensive way to stick some sexy humor on your fridge. They remind me of gag products from the 70’s. I remember those products very well as many of my mom’s friends had them lying around their house. When I was too young to partake in adult conversations, I has fun playing with them. Do you remember those boob cups? What a wonderful gift for your favorite manbaby. I remember my favorite magical toy, it was two statues. One was a standing man with an erection and the other was a kneeling woman. When you put them close by, the magnets would always bring them back together. I don’t know if I would file this in important lessons to learn when you are 6 years-old… but I am still quite interested in magnets today. These days, my local sex shop owner admits that even in a time of plentiful selection of high end vibes and dildos her biggest source of revenue are [silly and juvenile] sex gag gifts.

1918 Fitness Ephemera from SurrenderDorothy.

Old books are silly but they can also be adorable. I must admit I like the shoes in this picture however working out in them, I would not do!

Vintage French/Italian Magazines – Glamour 1983 from VintageBookNook

To get back to entertainment I enjoyed when I was in kindergarten… I remember our upstairs neighbor having a lot of soap opera magazines with pictures. They were in French and Italian. They contained really beautiful pictures and drawings.

How to Attain and Practice The Ideal Sex Life 1940’s from TheCottageCheese

Old sexuality books are a favorite of mine. There are a few that I have my eye on right now but I’ve had to curtail the collecting for I do not wish to sustain a large lifestyle. My first sexuality-related book was The Happy Hooker by Xaviera Hollander. Of course, being only 13 at the time, I was not allowed to buy it but I found an alternative way of getting my hands on a copy.

Man Junior Magazine from 1967 from theuppitywoman

Beautiful photography of nude women are a bit hard to find these days. In an era when natural just isn’t good enough anymore, most models and porn stars will have artificial bits and pieces, tattoos or too much makeup. Vintage men’s magazines can be a great source of artistic nude of natural models mostly un-retouched. This picture from a 1967 Man Junior Magazine is quite stunning. While these magazines may cost a pretty penny today, you can find the same kind of photography on Domai.com. All the models are beautifully natural, unburdened with contrived costumes or glitzy makeup. Highly recommended!

Sexy Naked Men Playing Cards from MyCupRunnethOver

Is there a sexy men version of that dogs playing poker painting anywhere out there? That would be the vision I get when I read Sexy Naked Men Playing Cards but alas, this is a cheeky desk of cards with nude men. Personally I prefer guys dressed up and possibly enjoying some kind of manly sport or activity! Those decks were fairly common in the 80s. I have a deck like this though it is somewhat hardcore. It is interracial porn from the 70s-80s and it comes from Amsterdam. I should find a new home for it because it has gone unused for the past 15 years. I have posed for such a deck.  When it comes out I will have a souvenir of me with all of my wild and sexy friends.

Yoga Nude by Miriam Schulman from mimistudio

Etsy has a nice community of self-represented artists. Miriam Schulman is one of them. Though she has a list of nudes offered, it would seem her cats and dogs pictures are very popular. I find this whole ‘fetishization’ of pets a bit strange.

Blues Baby Print from NudesAndShoes

Shoes however, are a more obvious fetish! Bring together shoes and nudes and you get a lot of sexy and interesting prints from NudesAndShoes.

Sexy Letters: S&M from madnessofstash

Hang it in bold blue letters on your wall. It’s more literary than having a collection of whips and floggers.

Cheeky Pinback Button from beanforest

Or you could make a subtle reference to your masochistic needle bottom side with this lovely button.

Headdress an original Polaroid by Aaron Driggers from TSURUFOTO

While this piece is absolutely random, it is also fascinating in a way. There is no obvious way of searching for random fabulousness on Etsy, it’s a matter of looking around and browsing. The beautiful Becca is also available on other prints from Driggers.

Framed Nude Clay Art from oatmealcookie

Oatmeal Cookie offers a lot of beautiful female form jewelry in her store. Both beautiful and tasteful for almost everyday wear.

Mature Peep Show Coffee Cup from khpillips

Another artist who has incorporated the erotic into his work is North Carolina quilter and potter Keith Phillips. He has made peep show cups ‘for man’ or ‘for woman’. I for one would be much more interested in buying this cup ‘for man’ than one of a dude holding his schlong. All of his pottery is exquisite and the gumball/candy dispensers are quite novel.

In my next article I will point you to sellers who offer useful tools for your sex toy box.

The Most Important Question on OKCupid… Inadvertantly!

Oops, I don’t think this is what the writer wrote but while we are on the subject… Yes I would like intelligent sex, who wouldn’t. Oh and the crap I have put up with in order to get there in my life is immense.

I ask a lot of questions…

I think, I formulate hypothesis and then ask a bunch of overly-personal questions… It yields interesting albeit frightening answers sometimes.

I don’t want to be out of touch, I have been really interested how teenagers grow and mature into adults. And I am also interested in generational differences and how people turn out differently depending on the quality of their relationship with their parents. Mind you I do it also to figure out how to raise my child to become a happy fulfilled independent adult. It is not obvious because I have raised 7 boys but now I have a daughter! Maybe I will have a daughter who is well informed on the matter of boys! Right now we talk about friendship and girl-cliques a lot. I am also concerned with age-appropriateness of the things I teach her. We have started talking about the internet, consumerism and cell phones. Next year she will be in third grade and that’s when everything starts to change.

But there’s a long way ’til the end of high school and college still. And right now I’m doing some research with university students to assess their needs for self-defense classes, notably Patrick’s Modern self-denfense class that addresses recent statistics of acquaintance sexual assault and rape.

I was very fortunate to have a conversation with a recent university grad last night and when he saw the course ware for Modern Self-Defense for Sexual Situations that become Non-Consensual, he said quite matter-of-factly that this was a sorely needed class. This class was originally developed for people involved in the BDSM lifestyle and those are usually more self-aware and negotiation-oriented than your average vanilla peeps. However, Patrick and I are re-working it for an audience of people who seem to need it way more notably college & university-aged women as well as sex workers, transsexuals and gay men. For each clientele the documentation and the communication has to be adapted because this is a touchy subject and it is really hard to convince people to take this compulsory life class. People would rather not think about it or talk about it.

I asked my recent university grad a bit of a downer question… But it is the basis for the current documentation I am writing for the college version of this class.

Out of all your girlfriends in your Facebook list, 20-25% of them have been sexually assaulted or raped. Do you know who they are?

He answered: “Unfortunately, yes…” It was interesting for me to listen to his take on the matter.

Self-defense classes are available but there aren’t enough instructors who specialize in real-world situations faced by young people today espescially young women 18-25. Let’s face it, women are sexually active and therefore encounter guys who range the scale from clueless to careless to just plain dangerous. And then there are those who are simply bad. But much harm is done by the first category and girls should learn to avoid or protect themselves against all bad sexual situations that could become non-consensual.

Over the years I’ve listened and and heard…

I told him to put on a condom but he tricked me and didn’t use one.

He bit me too hard.

He came once, didn’t tell me and we kept having sex. This is likely how I got pregnant.

I have a stupid random question, Is is rape if you were under the influence?

I believe that a happy safe sex life for men and women is born of sex education and sexual confidence. There is a lack of sex education if these kinds of situations keep happening every few seconds.

Self-defense is only one part of the puzzle but it is necessary and should be pursued on a regular basis. This is something women should be involved in on a yearly basis if one does not want to pursue a regular weekly martial arts program.

Patrick will be coming back to Montreal and hopefully Ottawa to teach. You can write to me to be notified when that happens at evavavoom [at] gmail.com. There will be separate and specific clientele-based classes and the curriculum is based on three years of listening to the specific questions of students in the class and the most recently available statistics from various rape-crisis center in North-America’s colleges and universities.

In Toronto, Sex educator Viktoria organizes Women’s REALISTIC Self Defense classes with her martial arts and self defense instructor. Write or call Viktoria for info ladyviktoria [at] ymail.com or 416-887-5621.

*Photo by nyki_m

My Little Rant Against Penn & Teller’s Bullshit

There is little I have to say about Bullshit with Penn and Teller because it is usually informative, right on the money and entertaining. However, I do have something to say about their first show this season. They took on “The Big O” or the female orgasm and all those services that are supposed to help women achieve bigger and better orgasms.

This was perhaps the most poorly researched episode in seven seasons. Very little of the show was devoted to sex toys or sex tools as I tend to call them, most of which are crap for various reasons. Instead they focused a lot of air time on a few ‘sex coaches’ who offer teaching on sexuality’s function and pleasure.

We need more devoted and skilled people to teach adults how to have an enjoyable sex life! Three of the most important aspect of our adult lives are money/credit, sex/relationship and raising children and those skills we still acquire by fucking up along the way.

I suck tremendously at managing my money, I was fortunate enough to practice raising other people’s children as a nanny before I had my own. However, when it comes to sex, it took me 15-20 years before I hit my stride. And to think I have been obsessed with the topic for 25 years! In the past 5 years I was lucky to have access to an expert on sex and threw myself into every adult sex class she and other experts gave, just for the fun of it. It helped!

A week doesn’t go by without one of my friends telling me I should teach classes on relationship 2.0 and advanced sex. I really like getting sex questions from my vanilla friends. I get more questionning about sex that I think I should be getting. It’s not as if there’s no info out there but it’s easier and more beneficial to ask a person because by definition, a sex question should have follow-ups. Sometimes friends ask curiosity questions about my sex life but most of the time they ask about bettering their own sex life. Our conversations will often circle around relationship building that allows for more and better sex.

Two months ago I spent 5 hours in a Toronto living room with ten 25-year-old women and I was scandalized by how little they knew about sexuality, sex tools and sex toys. I was a fly on the wall and I kept my kinky mouth shut while my friend Viktoria gave a wonderful presentation. As Toronto’s premier sex toy confidente she gave the girls information on the latest toys and which are toxic and which are safe and also answered a million questions. Each woman was then able to see her one-on-one and purchase whatever they wanted. It was fun and the shy-ness about asking questions decreased tremendously as the wine bottles emptied. I learned so many things… about women 🙂 One of which is that young women are generally very uncomfortable about talking to their partners about the specifics of sex. And they do not negotiate or plan ahead. It would seem that there is stigma attached to being knowledgeable about, talking about or planning sex. After hanging out with other women sex geeks for years, this realization was quite sobering.

Being around people who are knowledgeable about sex and have a very positive non-judgmental attitude tends to lower sexual shame and increase sexual confidence. So I will re-iterate that we need more sex coaches in the world not less!!

Making Earrings

Here’s some tabletop prose I created with BelovedSchoolBoy. I am making earrings… a bit slow on that task simply because drilling small hole in the corner of those dice is hard. But I think I will post them on Etsy soon.

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