Super kinky crafts… I dig that. The buttons turned out okay, though not as stellar as the first batch I ordered a few years ago. I only got a few with our names on it for the staff, yet they are the cutest ones LOL

I only use lightweight household cotton twine for bondage but once I started looking for lightweight rope, I found so many things that would work well. I made a little swatch book of the materials I found. I have cut, finished and packaged about 120 of those selections, including goodies such as charms and beads, for the workshop and of course, named them accordingly. I did this while supervising my daughter on the sewing machine and told her they were craft party favors for my friends. The double-entendre penis jokes on the labels are a bonus. I don’t think anybody has ever made cock bondage rope kits before.

P.S.: The FetLife one is a gift for attendees and there are only 25. Not for sale.