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Month: March 2009

Big bag of goodies!

Super kinky crafts… I dig that. The buttons turned out okay, though not as stellar as the first batch I ordered a few years ago. I only got a few with our names on it for the staff, yet they are the cutest ones LOL

I only use lightweight household cotton twine for bondage but once I started looking for lightweight rope, I found so many things that would work well. I made a little swatch book of the materials I found. I have cut, finished and packaged about 120 of those selections, including goodies such as charms and beads, for the workshop and of course, named them accordingly. I did this while supervising my daughter on the sewing machine and told her they were craft party favors for my friends. The double-entendre penis jokes on the labels are a bonus. I don’t think anybody has ever made cock bondage rope kits before.

P.S.: The FetLife one is a gift for attendees and there are only 25. Not for sale.

Out and about…

Not too tired after a night out at The Loft du Chateau with Mr. P. I was staking out the place for my event and somehow it looked smaller the second time around. But it’s going to be just fine for what I have to do. It was a special evening for Masters so I went for a disheveled secretary after the office party kinda look. However when I go out with Mr. P. I let him be in charge of my attire so he usually reorganizes what I am wearing in another way. He also bought a remote controlled egg which I put into my pantyhose LOLz No it wasn’t necessarily ‘pleasing’ in a sexual way but it tickled a lot so I let people be amused at my reaction to it. I was also looking forward to spending a bit of time with LS (He did my suspension bondage during the Everything To do with Sex Show and we’ve spent hours together since then.) So the whole evening I was either with Mr. P, LS or both in an obviously ‘friendly’ way. Best moment: When they were talking together, or about me, as if I wasn’t there LOL I like not being in charge and not being the center of attention and when I am in that space, I do not have to think, or say anything witty or even remember anything. It’s like being on a brain vacation LOL

I noticed there was this guy always passing by us. You know the type dressed all in black with a whip tied to his belt. I figured he was just peeping. People interact differently with subs and I like to see the world from that perspective. I don’t care to put on a Mistress/Domina costume and parade around. Submitting to me is real-life hard work for real-life rewards so I rarely ‘play’ and I think I only scened publicly once in the past 3 years when I did some cock bondage work in the medical room at Lady Viktoria’s Loft. That’s why some people talk about my ‘cock work’ LOL

When I was getting ready to leave that predatory guy came over to me and introduced himself as MasterBill(*Not his actual name). I said “Hello Bill” and gave him my covert sub name. He was visibly upset and said “No, it’s MasterBill!” putting the emphasis on Master. I was a bit amused. I mean in the BDSM scene people introduced themselves with their ‘title’ like Miss, Mistress, Lady or whatever so it is not as uncool as introducing yourself as ‘Mister Smith’ in a Vanilla situation… However, he crossed the line by insisting that I call him ‘Master’ something. He then asked me why I did not play that night. How interesting that he was not able to discern that I had an awesome time playing with Mr. P., LS and random strangers (via remote control) all evening. He also said that perhaps with the right Master, the pleasure would be great. That was his most entertaining comment. Who is this guy to move in on me as my date is busy talking to JeePee, the owner, and insinuate that my companions are in any way inadequate because they did not whip or flog me during the evening. I told him I was not available. He eventually buzzed off as there were two subs, I already know, excitedly talking to me. Situations like that are fun because when M0j0D4ddy and I talk about them, he will usually entertain me with what he would have told the fucktard LOL Douchebags and assholes entertain me but one thing is for sure, when M0j0D4ddy and I are in the same space, he gets to be ‘Executive in charge of biting the head off people who bug me’. He can have that job permanently if he wants it.

My sweetie spent the weekend in Texas at a Master/slave conference. I haven’t the foggiest idea what people do or learn at these things but his main job was to mingle anyway. He did mingle and he told me he kept bragging about me LOL I don’t know why he feels he must assure me he is not peeling panties left and right. I told him, again, the hotness that he is shouldn’t go to waste. That makes him giggle but I’m serious. As long as he doesn’t meet any Dominiques! We’ve been the target of some really serious meddling from outside over the past month and yet things are going even better between us. Who cares how things are going when things are all rosey, it’s when there are issues and problems to deal with that you can really see what a person is made of. He said that to me in mid-January. Originally sidetracking him into a project was my way of getting to that without actually verbalizing my goal LOL

The fact that I write about him here is out in the open now and all of M0j0D4ddy’s stalkers know or will eventually know about this blog (That is why I hacker spell his name LOL.) I copy-pasted all references and dated then in chronological order so that he could read my characterization of him. He simply told me I can write whatever I want about him. Our relationship dynamic is officially ‘peers’ even though I lead and he follows. My leadership is a service to him. This seems to confuse certain people. For all the thing I write or joke about him or us here there are 50 more juicy tidbits that I feel are way more unique or funny.

We are actively working on defining a Relationship 2.0 on a daily basis where both parties, who are mature and know what they want, share that information BEFORE getting into a relationship. Often I will tell him what he wants. I do that because he lights up when I discover him rather than him having to tell me everything. But I often do it in a mock chastising way where I scold him for being high maintenance LOL Last week we had the ‘household’ conversation. These gems don’t belong on my blog, they belong in a different context and we haven’t decided what that context will be yet.

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