I’m old now, I should be more aware of how I deal with stuff. I noticed that when something bad happens, I am always the one that manages everyone until they feel better. And then it’s my turn to sit down and cry. But by then everyone else has moved on and I feel all alone. And it’s been like this for a few days now.

I am a very strict manager of drama and I never want to involve anyone else into it espescially if it CAN be contained and managed discreetly. And I am very proud to have been on top of all this drama for the past three weeks in a way that should prevent any more drama from popping up out of left field.

But I need a hug. SO I’ve scheduled myself ten, just to make sure it sticks.

All that being said, I am so looking forward to my upcoming event because it is coming together so well and it is very fun to have so many people write to me to tell me how much they are looking forward to meet M0j0D4ddy or see him again. I have people signing up AGAIN for the same classes they took 2 years ago! However since he is a constant student of martial arts his classes evolve with the latest techniques and all his students should continue to learn new skills every time around.

On Saturday I am going to see HeShe Kisses with Dukes of Drag at Sala Rossa (4848 St-Laurent) It’s the show of the year and they always make me laugh until I cry! I really want to go with LadyC. I mean I’ve been ‘dating’ her man and we haven’t even gone out together yet! Let’s make it fair!!