I haven’t written much lately because I have been doing write-ups for my event coming up in March. It is coming together very well. While this endeavor started as an excuse to spend time with M0j0D4DDY, whom I’ve been getting to know over the past three months, it is evolving into a swanky weekend affair which will leave us with little time to spend together!

I can’t do things half-assed, so I am going all out and using so many skills acquired from twenty years of work background in tourism, Web and project management to make Spring Fever a super fun, well put together, classy and naughty event. Last time M0J0D4DDy was here, in 2006 during the OutGames, he did not teach his BDSM workshops only his Modern Self-Defense for Women class and the ever popular Elegant Pain Compliance workshop. These are all workshops topics that have not been taught in Montreal yet so I am REALLY looking forward to them! And when I say looking forward I mean REALLY looking forward because I know the content and M0J0D4DDy is NOT a wallflower, it is going to be HARDCORE.

And I will be teaching Cock Bondage.  I heard someone say a few weeks ago “So and so told me you are the foremost expert in the world on Cock Bondage!” Well, thank you but a better description would be that I am the ONLY person in the world who has cared to do this craftily and document the process. My upcoming workshop is really a 90-minute long comedic presentation created to make people wince and giggle. Oh, it is going to be informative alright but it goes way further than that. It is the start of an EPIC event. It will make a wonderful intro to the next workshop, the Erotic Humiliation one. I haven’t even given my darn class yet and I am already booked twice more in Toronto!

Henceforth I will be known as the chick who ties up guys’ junk…