I should have been completely giddy yesterday but I had a terrible migraine so I’ll be completely giddy today. I really want to go out and have silly and challenging conversations this week but I am broke-ish. Not that it costs anything to have silly or challenging conversations. Bearded DiCaprio is jonesing for a date. Can’t say no to him! I also REALLY want to have a mojito with TheBaku and, drum roll, catch up with LLoyd Jr!

I’ve been single for 6 weeks but I have already been ‘meat tagged’ for 8 weeks… I’ve always fancied a ‘Hot Southern Piece of Man Candy’ but the catch is that they don’t live in Montreal!

I HAVE to cultivate my platonic relationships else I’m going to have a really hard time getting used to a long-distance relationship!

Time to review the pros and cons of having more than one ‘Best Gay’.