I wonder if we all have little things we do to hurt ourselves. One thing that has been constant through my whole life is biting my nails. However, at certain times in my life I have stopped. I associate that with times of certainty, happiness and love. The last time I bit my nails was October 3, 2008. I woke up, looked at my hands and I was so ashamed of myself. I wanted to cancel on my lunch date. I was already SUPER stressed about that day anyway because I had to make “the decision”. But I could not fuck up any part of this important day so I got dressed and headed out to the nail salon and got fake nails! I just wanted everything to be perfect. And it was a perfect day. I kept the fake nails for a few weeks and since then I really haven’t been interested in biting my nails. They have never looked so nice in my whole life. It may seem like an insignificant detail but to me it’s HUGE and it feels awesome.