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Do all guys do that?

I’m all about being transparent but sometimes I think my stalkers are creepy and it affects my future relationships.

A few months ago, I got into a quasi-tiff with a guy who once asked me on a date. When I got his request and I was all like ‘Argh, please no…” and “Wow, it’s THAT guy!” in the same moment. You see, he has root. And you know what happens when a guy has root?! Well, if history is an indication, he will put a capture on my internet service to see what I do, read my e-mails, install a key logger and even record my phone calls. I am not kidding, these are all specific things that four (4!) past Sys Admins have done to spy on me. I like Sys Admins/ Sys Engineer type but God forbid if I say “Hi!” to one, it starts. You’d think they NEVER have any conversations with women. So I try not to date someone who has root on a system I use (not that this policy prevents losers who’ve never had the guts to say hi to me from spying on me anyway.)

I thought this awkward moment, which ended in a promise, was going to be the last I hear from him. But now we have to work on something together. For some reason he doesn’t want to delegate which baffles me… I DO want to work with him… but I’ve been burned and it makes me super jittery.

Now this is going to be really creepy but I just want you guys to understand that us girls may have a history of having to deal with creepy stalkers going back DECADES. I am not talking about the curious to see what you are up to‘s, and just have to read your OKCupid profile EVERY day kind of thing… I’m talking inexplicable weird fucked up stuff adults do when they should know better.

When I was twelve (12), I was in the Jeanettes (Girl Scouts.) At the end of the year we put on a show for the parents and some brilliant soul thought that it would be great for me to sing ‘Call Girl‘ by Nanette Workman. So, despite the fact that I didn’t really know or care what a call girl was (I’m French!),  I put on a mini skirt and heels and lip-synched to Call Girl. Now this is not even the creepy part. The guy who was video taping the show, recorded the whole performance from the waist down. When we watched the video later on, everybody laughed and I was humiliated. I hope that beta tape has disintegrated with time. I think it is crappy to grow up KNOWING you are the masturbatory fantasy of creepy old guys. I mean some teens have it WAY worse then I had it, but sheesh. As a lifelong caretaker of children and teens, I just don’t get people and parents sometimes. I think I am more sensitive to issues of appropriateness because I am a pervert.

A Perfect Stranger

I fell asleep last night listening to Yoshi shoveling snow and salting my porch. He came over last night to make me dinner and, conveniently, moisturize every last inch of me. Oh how awesome that was. I asked him to be gentle with me but I think I have a case of whiplash.

When my ex arrived at 5:30pm to start on dinner, I was on the phone with my next. Yes it is presumptuous of me to refer to him as my next but it is oh so much fun. He called because I sent him a message telling him I would not likely be available to chat around 10pm. Holidays  mean that there will be days when we do not get to talk to each other. I also miss him when we cannot chat. There is an issue… It is so adolescent… I sense CJO wishes that I was more territorial or jealous where he is concerned. In less than 5 days he will be in NYC with a few (or 20) women who ‘like’ him. I am tinkering on the verge of a relationship status change… BUT I am worried that would cause gossip, expectations and, unfortunately, more aggressive clamoring for MY Man. I do not care that others want him. I do not care that other have him, however they wish and for a brief period. I am however worried that he would be snatched away forever before I even have time to be with him. He is after all my requested Birthday present and that is three whole months away. For the next 48 hours I will ponder if I tell him this or not.

Yesterday I sent him a Youtube video hinting at how I was still busy planning his Birthday party. I have plenty of time to get that done but it’s a huge deal… a huge complicated thing to plan involving a bunch of people I do not know, or rather have not chosen yet. So I sent him something rather cute and romantic. It’s a ruse and a distraction as cute and romantic is NOT my style. I think that surprises are hard to plan. However, using competitive intelligence techniques, I have been able to gather incredibly useful data about  CJO and I just put it away in the file…

Right now I am stealing time. I am sitting in a cafe at the bus depot procrastinating. I should call my mother so she can pick me up but I, technically, have 30 more purposeful minutes to pretend I am not here yet and write. You see, I was supposed to write on my way here but I met the perfect stranger and… well he was quite adorable.

This morning I woke up suddenly and, as usual, 10 minutes before the alarm went off. I KNEW. I knew what I wanted to do for CJO. Only problem with my plan… It’s impossible! There is nothing that turns me on more than an impossible plan! So for the hours that I commuted to the Montreal bus station I hashed out the details of the mother of all plans. This is the kind of scheming that will keep me awake for days and it was going to consume me for three hours had I not run into this sweet boy.

He was in line in front of me and I did not want to lose my spot. He is perhaps 6’3 or 4 with short brown hair, brown eyes. Earnest looking with an unkempt vacation beard. Yum! So I asked him to pretend we were together and in return fetched him a water bottle. I almost grabbed this awful fruit and saccharin ‘tainted’ water. That would have been a disaster! My goal was to get a window seat on the right side so I could rest my elbow. I got to a handsome newspaper-reading man in his fifties. I thought… nah! I convinced him to move so my pretend boyfriend and I could sit together. Mission #1 accomplished… I then figured if I played my cards right I could get a coveted beard cuddle!

What is a beard cuddle you ask? For me it is a tradition that goes back to college days when I used to enjoy, with permission, rubbing my face against Francis’ week old stubble. He was not a classmate, we were in the newspaper committee together. In this case I had to get permission from his girlfriend as well. I had it good in college, I was also on the student board and had many offices so plenty of room to beard cuddle. Francis was my only beard cuddle buddy and no, I never used my multi-office access privileges for anything freaky.  Who knows, maybe the nuns who ran the school had cameras in there!

There is nothing sexual about a beard cuddle. It can be as sweet as me grabbing one side of his face and placing my cheek against the other. It can also be more forceful as when Mr. P scraped my whole face with his 24 hour stubbles in a way that left me with a week long rash. Beard cuddles are as sweet whether they come from friends, lovers and even foes! Perhaps now you can understand my appreciation for my dear Bearded DiCaprio. Today, the thrill of the beard cuddle lies in the wanting, planning and having the balls to ask for it just as much as the getting it. Obviously, no man has encountered a beard cuddle request until they meet me, so the reaction is always entertaining as well.

I had not had a three hour bus ride pass so quickly in years or even forever. My faux boyfriend and I chatted about work and the advantages of management by project. He wanted details so I admitted to him that I tend to do whatever the fuck I want, I multitask. I mean even if I wanted to I will never be in a situation where I do something repetitive or that I have done before. I also entertained him on how management by project is incredibly useful with the ex and the next. I offered him chocolate and homemade toffee. I got some Swiss cheese in return. I wondered what would be interesting to watch in the way of a movie… Did not have anything with car chases. We settled to watch Gunpowder, Treason and Plot. Pretty hard to understand with only one half of a set of iPod headphones. This tided us over  until 10 minutes before his stop. I almost asked out right but figured a detour was in order. I asked him how long he had been growing his vacation beard. He seemed to think that, like most chicks, had something AGAINST his lack of shaving. I simply admitted that I cannot stand to see a beard go to waste and, as he seemed confused, told him that I like to rub my face in it. He sort of continued to talk about something else as we were getting really close to the terminal. I cut him off and said: “You didn’t get what I was asking of you did you?” to which he replied “Oh, you actually want to rub your cheek on my beard?!” So this is how I got a few face hugs and it sincerely made my day.

I always feel a little bit guilty when I ‘take advantage of’ or’play with’ unsuspecting boys. But at least he gets to tell his family he was face rubbed by a strange woman on the bus. I mean most guys like being lusted after or chatted up by girls. He thanked me… for being my faux boyfriend and, if he e-mails me, he will get to read this entry and understand WHO intently and purposefully spotted him on the escalator and got what she wanted out of him with a simple bottle of water on Christmas Eve.

Shits ‘n giggles

I’m spending all afternoon in bed with James May because I fell on a patch of ice and REALLY hurt my left arm. Oh shits! I’m not blind though, I can still read. Episode six of this season’s Top Gear is giggles from beginning to end.

A Paradox to Ponder

For the past month, on and off, I have been working on writing a sales documents to aim CJO’s self-defense classes to a college and university crowd. He teaches self defense for sexual situations that become non-consensual in the context of BDSM. He draws from 32 years of Aikido and now Systema to teach techniques to get out of chokes and fight back when minimally restrained.

If you have seen the last two James Bond movies, you may have noticed the strong emphasis on hand to hand combat (and parkour.) James Bond uses Systema extensively to fight while in handcuffs or in awkward positions and that includes the cool trick where he disables 4 guys in an elevator while going down just two floors. These are actual doable techniques that have been taught and used by KGB agents. Such techniques are the basis for a few of CJO’s classes.

At some point it became evident to me that his self defense class would work extremely well outside of the lifestyle. Therein lies the trick to making his teaching career his main and only occupation.

One out of 4 women of college and university age report being sexually assaulted. In over 95% of these cases the woman knew her attacker. Let’s face it, one can walk down dark alleys all they want, a woman is more likely to be raped by an acquaintance and in a situation where things may start out consensual but get out of hand. Throw in drugs and alcohol, peer pressure and bad judgment and you get a cocktail for disaster.

It’s easy to sell CJO to the BDSM crowd, most people already know him and I just have to lather on the sexy pictures of him and tweak the text to aim to a female audience (Basically a person like me.) I have done my research and re-written CJO’s documentation for a mainstream crowd and will soon see if it finds an audience. From the feedback I get from friends and the written feedback on his classes, they are quite pleasant and empowering. I look forward to learning all this myself. I can see quite clearly how this will catch fire once I can produce quality photos of his work and video and add Youtube and Facebook to the marketing mix.

I do find it very annoying though to sell self-defense classes to women and put the responsibility of assault protection on them when it is mostly men who assault to begin with. I have only found one article that addresses this issue and asks men to help prevent rape. However, how many guys are likely to read a long article on such a topic or even buy a book on the matter. If they don’t plan on doing it they don’t feel concerned and if they do well it will fall on deaf ears.

I live in a world where even the most extreme scenarios are possible provided they are negotiated, safe, sane and consensual. I am really curious to know what happens in the mind of young people, both male and female, as they wind up in sexual situations that becomes non-consensual. I am sure this can be prevented at some point through education of guys. So I am pondering the paradox of how to teach guys to understand the concept of consensuality in a modern world in a way that would make them sign up for the class in hordes.

Last night CJO and I were talking about a workshop he is revamping on how to find the right BDSM partnership. We folks have the added challenge of fishing in a much smaller pond. I find it hard because I encounter lots of Doms who are… not! So if there is a majority of sub and a minority of Doms and a lot of Doms are full of bullshit well, I am at a mathematical disadvantage. As a Domme, however, I can snap my fingers and choose from an assortment of adorable subs and it is really tempting! However, CJO and I are on the same quest of finding one compatible monogamous partner which may seem very traditional when vanilla and lifestyle peeps alike are pushing the boundaries of sexual ‘liberation’ even further. He said that he wanted to use me specifically as an example for his workshop of an ideal earnest sub who is most likely to find a successful BDSM relationship. I was floored, flattered, intrigued and surprised! I mean, CJO knows I fell in love with that other guy who never made due on any of his intentions, or plans with me. The guy who fucked up, admitted it and seems to tinker on the making up part but doesn’t and with whom I have had the most frustratingly vague and disastrous communication breakdown in my whole life. The guy I have gotten mad at over the past week. The guy I wish would send me a huge animated glitter text with bees that says “Buzz off!” so I can move on and stop hoping he will magically revert to his friendly self.

But of course this fact cannot erase the time that I have put into my relationship building with CJO. For over a month now I have been ‘working him’ in the same way I work most people whom I like and want to get to know. Geographical distance has made it possible for us to have this perfect old-fashioned courtship which is very pleasant. While no subject is taboo our interactions are intellectual and centered around non-sexual activities. I have found that he is the person he presents himself to be. He is no bullshit, no drama, very respectful, aims to please and generous with the praise and the feedback. I think some people have the image of a Dom or Master as a mean scary person however CJO is a confident charismatic leader who has that ‘star quality’ that I find so endearing in all my friends. My most successful relationship to date sprung from an office romance because I was able to discover my ex-husband slowly (‘slowly’ is the operative word here because our first conversation, in 1995, went like: “Can I have ROOT on that machine, I need to program a script.” to which he replied “No fucking way!” and hung up the phone.) But all that being said, there are more layers in BDSM than your average relationship and I have to wrap my head around the ‘Beast’ that CJO is. Did I mention something somewhere about lions?

But all this discussion about intently working on the intense relationship that one wants to have gave me a lot of ideas on how to ponder my paradox. I think it lies in what I have been doing all along in the past few years which it to teach and mentor Yoshi, who was 19 when we met, on what has turned out to be a path of strong sexual empowerment based on ethics and values. CJO started on this path at 19 as well and he’s turned into a total Invincible and all powerful sex god. That is who he intently works on being through skills, fitness, ethics and values. He doesn’t introduce himself as Batman though. I know this from the people who know him, love him and aggressively lust after him (quite entertaining.)

And look at me all happy to be helping him out with his project without him even specifically asking! But I certainly wouldn’t do it if he was an asshole in return. I am taking a page from the book of Samantha and Smith on Sex in The City and as long as he is up for the challenge then there is no end to the ideas and challenges I can pose to him whether he gets to benefit from them or I do!

I have to tell him about a idea of mine 🙂

Hooray For Plans

Every day Col. Jack O’Neill calls all happy and thankful my first thought is always “Oh, he must have gotten the gift I sent him in the mail.” But no, he’s just like that. I sure hope my gift is not lost. It’s heartbreaking to lose unique handcrafted things in the mail but it happens. This week he asked me to call him at work which I thought was odd. But then again it comes from my interpretation of what working at a defense facility is. My dad (150% Nerd) used to work in an office that was guarded 24 hours a day by two soldiers, one American, one Canadian, each holding a key to one of the three locks on the door. My dad had the other one. That’s so Cold War! But I did call CJO and he sounds adorable when he answers the phone in his ‘serious protocol military tone’.

I am not at all embarrassed or ashamed to have developed my ability to giggle about the simple things in life!

Phase one of our little project together is done. Phase two is purely social/marketing and will net us Phase three which is going to happen in 2009. Incidentally Phase three we will work at in person. I am now just as excited about that as he has been for the past month.

Other than that my life is taking a more corporate turn and I may be scarce around here. Happy Holidays to all!

Advertiser hits new low in diamond guilt marketing

Instead of an article about how sex is FREE, I give you one on how they get you on the accessories.

Last week I went into Birks on Saint-Catherine Street to look at the estate jewelry display. I try to not go into Birks too much as the glare of diamonds hurts my eyes and I hear a whole continent of Africans weep for the loss of their children and relatives to the unethical practice of diamond mining.

If you want to have some fun at their expense, you can go shopping for a diamond (preferably as a male-female pairing) and ask the clerk where the diamonds come from. The combination of sweating because he cannot answer this question factually (he doesn’t know) and the utter fear of not making a sale by causing a ‘couple’s tiff’ should leave you entertained for days.

The only piece of estate jewelry I found to my liking (that did not have diamonds) was a beautiful Art Deco-ish locket of enameled green gold attributed to ‘famous US designer’ (no actual designer name, duh!) Everything in the manufacturing of the piece pointed to the 1950’s as a date of manufacturing. Price? 9,800$ And this is why I continue to buy my antique and vintage jewelry from estate sales and eBay.

The truth of the matter is that jewelry has little value compared to the price that it is being sold at. Sure, the gold it is made of has a value but it is only a small part of the price of the item. Gems are also overpriced. To believe the price tags on Birks’ gem jewelry, I would be a millionaire for my own collection of gems LOL

But what about diamonds and the whole racket of engagement, anniversary, promise ring market? In 2003, I listened to a conversation where one woman talked about how 1 carat used to be the ‘norm’ for an engagement ring but that now it should be 2 carats. Hmmm, where did this money-grubbing-whore wisdom come from?! Marketing! Perhaps this was an extreme case because I doubt would-be fiancees actually wonder “Should my boyfriend spend 1 month of salary or two on my engagement ring?!”

This whole culture is entirely fabricated and has become quite sad really. Diamonds are stockpiled and aplenty (not rare at all) and must be sold so after a decade of finding new reasons to sell diamonds from anniversary bands to spinster right-hand rings now diamonds have become a way to make amends.

There’s a diamond solution for everything. Now that everyone knows that the price for a husband to get out of the doghouse for assaulting a maid in a fancy spa is a 4-million dollar diamond ring, girls everywhere will clamor for rich assholes with even more vigor. But what about your average husband?

The people who made the video included above (Saatchi & Sattchi) figured that he should pay his getting out of the doghouse fine at JCPenney’s Jewelry department.

This commercial hits a new low in guilt marketing.

What he said!

I have always loved looking at jewelry, in fact I collect antique, tribal and religious jewelry from around the world. I have also collected unset gems and make jewelry for myself and my friends. I already own the fantastic 7 carat emerald-cut flawless sea foam aquamarine I would want to see on my finger everyday for the rest of my life. The fact that I could afford it doesn’t make it less pretty.

When I see a diamond I see death. Or, I can see a world changing opportunity.

1 Amorique diamond ring from Birks = 5,500$ tax not included (Notice the incredibly guilt inducing name, because it’s not love if you buy one of their regular diamond rings!)

With this money you can support 25 African businesses through Kiva.org in a rolling yearly fund that could last forever, or, take back your money after 5 years and spend it on something fun. By then you will have supported over 125 businesses. Default on loans is only 2% and money is re-paid as it comes in from the lendee making it available for withdrawal before the loan is fully repaid. Kiva.org also offers you a profile page which you can share with your friends and family. If you already have most everything you need for your home you can also invite your family to contribute for you and help build your Kiva.org fund.

Weekend plans? Or not.

Tomorrow there’s an all day nerd herd get together and and all night queer girl sex party. Don’t tell the nerds about what the girls are up to! Tempting. Of course these prospects are not as exciting as the plans I could come up with on my own. Today is, after all, last day of semester.

Somebody chain me to a radiator!

Nah! Priorities are: Making something special for dinner & interesting (or silly) conversation. Ideally with someone new-ish.

I am never as lonely after spending a whole week alone as I am after a full week of interacting with kids and other parents.I’ve been thinking of blending my custody week so that each of us would have a free night in the middle of the week. I may need to do that anyway as I have a class to prepare and teach early next year.

This weekend is a gift as it is the last one before Christmas madness and on Monday I am starting two new projects. Christmas used to be a treat and an occasion to eat my grandmother’s food. For the past few years since she has passed away, it’s been dreadful. Now my brother is taking over the tradition.

Petites Victoires

I wonder if we all have little things we do to hurt ourselves. One thing that has been constant through my whole life is biting my nails. However, at certain times in my life I have stopped. I associate that with times of certainty, happiness and love. The last time I bit my nails was October 3, 2008. I woke up, looked at my hands and I was so ashamed of myself. I wanted to cancel on my lunch date. I was already SUPER stressed about that day anyway because I had to make “the decision”. But I could not fuck up any part of this important day so I got dressed and headed out to the nail salon and got fake nails! I just wanted everything to be perfect. And it was a perfect day. I kept the fake nails for a few weeks and since then I really haven’t been interested in biting my nails. They have never looked so nice in my whole life. It may seem like an insignificant detail but to me it’s HUGE and it feels awesome.

The Secretary Fucked Up Again!

Yesterday my daughter ‘asked’ me to stop bossing her around.

I wish I had someone to boss me around!

A boss defines a mission, goals and keeps everyone on track.

I watched The Secretary again last night. Hadn’t seen the whole thing in 5 years. Now I feel like a silly, silly, silly girl! I’ve mentioned before how I have never been as socially retarded, unstable or gauche with anyone as I have been in my attempts at getting together with with Mr. M. It’s EPIC F.U. really.

Of course, it can be expected, he’s the first Dominant type I’ve ever encountered in a personal setting. I can’t help but get myself into trouble with him time and time again. Everything was going fine until the mission and plan we had set fell through. And since then I have been the silly, silly, silly girl who has tried without success to get a mission and plan back on track.

I’ve been trying to figure this out recently and I even mentioned it to him… I told him he is kind of hot when he remains out of reach. In fact, he is even hotter when out of reach but just two feet away! I thought that it was inaccessibility that was causing my brain to short circuit. Nope, out-of-reach is hot.

It’s the absence of a mission or common goal, however simple, is what is driving me nuts!!!

I don’t think it is such a good idea to come to a Domination/submission relationship in the same haphazard way as Lee and Mr. Grey do in ‘The Secretary’. I mean they live happily ever after but really, their whole journey is kind of hard to watch and creepy at times. Mr. M. and I have come to this situation quite haphazardly as there was NO indication originally that he would have this kind of effect on me. As I mentioned before, he inspired my recent introspection and change in strategy.

While I do have a learned approach to D/s, I have zero experience as the ‘s’. I am motivated to ‘try to please’ him but since there is no specific goal coming from him, it gives me nothing to accomplish. It makes me impatient.

I have a hard time waiting when I do not know what for.

However, I have unlimited patience if I do know why I am waiting.

Mr. M. is the one that initiated the journey and as much as I want him, we seem doomed. I cannot succeed in getting his attention when I want it and when he is there, I cannot place limits on him. Not limiting his access to me originally was my mistake. He is implacable.

I love being around those who express that they want or appreciate me in their life or simply love or appreciate the person that I am. I have gotten used to this kind of attention over the past 4-5 years. I have had it easy and continue to be spoiled (well, obviously I have worked for that appreciation at some point but it keeps on giving LOL)

As much as I love intense people and have confidence in my ability to deal with intense situations within a relationship, Mr. M.’s supremacy is scary.

In ALL my interactions with other people I dictate the rules of engagement, from when we can talk, and for how long, to what is acceptable as far as conversations go. My strategy of sidetracking CJO into a ‘project’ is working swimmingly. But it has it’s own issues which are fun to discuss (he teaches D/s dynamics so as far as mentors go, I can’t ask for a better one.) It’s awesome to be involved in the process of changing his life. It’s not all work, Once a week, out of the blue, and at an inopportune time he calls to break all the rules and  rattle my cage!

If there is no point, no mission and no goal then I obviously feel at a loss and cannot function properly in my interactions with others. I guess this is a confirmation that I am a total NERD.

I am looking for a level of power exchange that is intense enough that I cannot take this process lightly and I need to do it in a way that I am comfortable with as I discover myself and the kind of Man that I will mesh with the best.

Being a silly, silly, silly girl (around Mr. M.) does not embarrass me per say. Maybe it is my true submissive personae, my subspace; at least it is the only one I know for now.

But why the fuck would anybody want to be with someone so inept, hapless and uncontrolled!?!

Send The To The Nunnery

A while back I changed my status in Facebook to single (from undeclared.) I was curious to know who would take notice either publicly or privately. Funny comments on the change from “aww shucks!, to Congratulations!” making it obvious there are ‘sphreres’ of knowledge about my private life in my acquaintances. Giggles. Getting a lot of compliments on the weight loss which I used to think was creepy (espescially coming from almost strangers) but now it’s nice because I am OBVIOUSLY thinner and it doesn’t sound like a weird socially retarded line.

Followed a lot of interesting convos about chastity and abstinence on the BDSM boards. I suspect it will take a long time before I have actual insight into how it is to not have a sex life. So far I’ve been more busy having PMS from Hell. But I feel happy (even though I keep getting the quasi-daily boohoo! and attitude from the one I still have to work with.)

Right now I am totally enamored with someone I cannot be with. Argh!

My nurturing heart aches because I have no guy to dote on but my big tabby cat. Yesterday, I was super down because of it. I just have to transfer that effort to me and to my work, espescially the current opportunity that can put me back into the industry as if I haven’t left. I’ve been on the ‘Fuck you corporations and your antiquated expectation of 9-5 productivity, I’m working from home’ sick leave for 2 years. Every few years I get an opportunity to write my own job description and paycheck and I have failed to capture these opportunities since being crushed in between two cars (can’t bring myself to call it the  accident as it was negligence.) I have to regain confidence in my ability to conform to the regular work schedule. I mean, I do, at home but there’s no time-sucking commute. I’m working on writing my health-related activities into my job description and if that means shooting for a 4-day a week V.P. job then it’s worth a try.

Today I’m celebrating being totally pain free! So far it’s been ten(10) days without pain killers (but 4 aspirins.) Soon, as if maybe tomorrow, I switch to decaf coffee.

This week I am going to get stuff done before the new contract and whip a few people who are late on their homework, like CJO (who, until recently, didn’t even use MSN and just bought a webcam! Left the cutest ‘I just got me a webcam!’ message on my answering machine – how 1998 of him!) He is in danger of falling victim to the time-sucking hobby of being ‘accessible’ to his young female ‘fans’. It’s kind of cool to ‘see him’ (I put my fake nerdy glasses on and then spent 15 minutes chewing gum and popping bubbles in his ears. Made him laugh. I’ll come up with something else for next time.) I think camming is initially novel but quickly unproductive. I’ve only very rarely used mine. I will tell him things about using a webcam that Clay Aiken was obviously never told!

I am also planning to head back to the nunnery for a week (I was never a nun, just stayed there for a few days in 1991.) No tech, no phones, no tv, just me and the chicks who are married to the Jebus and actually live on the other side of the a locked gate. Will definately sneak in some books and embroidery/knitting. When I told my daughter this she giggled as if ‘nuns’ are funny characters from a movie. Am not sure she would find it fun there, espescially in the middle of winter.

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