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Month: November 2008

OKCupid Test Makes Me Want to Hurl

Recently I started taking this Fetish Knowledge Test on OKCupid. Wow, thanks but No Thanks! I gave up at this question.

Tania Gives You Pick-Up Tips


I really like Tania’s video tips. I don’t understand why the commentors are so hateful to her though. Dudes, this info is gold!

Quiet Friday

I am super frustrated today. I don’t understand why. Maybe it is a down from a full week of mingling. I got a lot of work done and should be mining my next contracts but I am drained. I am overdosing on lunch AND dinner at the restaurant. My brain is fried and I have a migraine so I’ll do it this weekend. Time for some TV.

Last night I celebrated four joyful years of dating my sweet Bearded DiCaprio. The fact that he hates that nickname doesn’t phase me. For a long time my friend Natalya always asked why I had a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio on my cellphone. It wasn’t DiCaprio! We’ve never had a fight so maybe we will fight about this LOL He took me to Bocaccino’s, which has dissapeared and turned into a Carmine’s. I don’t know if that’s a good business strategy… I am talking about Carmine’s copying a famous (and delicious) New York restaurant in Montreal and calling it by the same name without any official affiliation. Regardless, the food was great. I’m not really picky, I was just overjoyed that my angel hair pasta was al-dente and that they had big bottles of San Pellegrino. It’s cute how waiters come around a lot when they realize we are gossipping about kinky sex. Three years ago we had a naughty conversation on the table butcher paper at Jack Astor’s and simply left it there for our waiter.

We went to the sex shop to check out stuff. It was close by. I looked at the lingerie (because I am planning on getting/making myself a cat suit. Hey, I look like this ) ( instead of this ( ) now so if I want a cat suit, I am getting a cat suit just like Alyssa Nicole’s Halloween outfit!!! I realized that La Senza has more taste and wayyyy better quality for the money. I am always curious to see what they come up with as far as sex toys go. I now get the feeling that sex toys are designed by people who have knowledge of anatomy, which is great! However, lots of things look like they are packaged for teenagers… it’s odd… but cute! Alas, even with the added competition, most toys are still overpriced for the use I would make of them (Rose & Passion is the only adult store for miles and that shows in the pricing!) I love how my friends are generous with the feedback on the toys they buy and use because my toy budget is 28$ a year. I am trying to remember… What was the last thing I bought myself in a Sex Shop? Must have been one of those bullets that you plug into the base unit. My sex toy box is still in my old room and I moved upstairs 3 months ago! Even worse, a few weeks ago I took the batteries out of my vibrator to power my cordless mouse. Still have not bought new batteries… I have been a very bad self-lover! I sincerely think it is normal to masturbate and I wonder what it means that I don’t care to do it anymore. It happened when I stopped having pain (six weeks ago) and my brain started to go into overdrive. My drastically lowered sex drive is starting to concern me. It could also have something to do with my weight loss or my falling head over heels for Mr. M. It’s just strange to get sidetracked from something I have taken for granted for years. It’s like I’d rather be thinking or writing. I have become a mental masturbator!!!

But I shouldn’t feel sorry for myself. Perhaps I have been a bad ‘self-lover’, but I feel VERY loving towards those that are close to me (or I can go medieval on them whatever their preference may be.) I’ve done a lot of mingling and playing this week and today is the only day where I do not have one or two dates. I am alone until Yoshi comes over tomorrow morning to make me breakfast. I am really looking forward to that <3

Oh and I am watching Rome even though there are bits missing in the shows… What can I do, I want to see it so bad!

Have a lovely weekend!

Quick Recap Wednesday

I saw La Pianiste last weekend. I had not seen such a shocking movie in a long time. While it’s just too bad to see yet another movie in which a masochist is portrayed as someone with a mental disorder, I really enjoyed it. I want to do a scene by scene analysis of this movie with screen shots. However, before I do that, I have asked Yoshi to watch it as I know he will see a totally different movie in it. Follow-up discussion should be interesting.

So many things happen to me I should get a frickin’ Twitter going.

I have enjoyed a nice weekend. Obviously Halloween was fun. I went to a grade school dance party dressed as someone really repulsive (nerd with pimples, black glasses, a unibrow and poorly orchestrated wardrobe) My friend Jenny noted the lack of attractiveness of my costume. It’s okay the D.I.L.F. factor was very low. Upon discussing boyfriend issues (or lack thereof) Jenny (who is extra vanilla and in her forties) asked me to flip her one of mine. In a sense it is unfair that she should have none and I have many. Normally I am quite happy to share but in this situation it’s NOT a good idea! I wonder if she saw my coureur des bois raking the lawn on Monday afternoon. He is in her age range but he wants 12 kids on a farm (the only lifestyle hard enough to keep him busy) so that would not be a match made in heaven. If she did see him, I will hear about it ;P

Chuck came over to spend a few days with me and rake me a huge 4 feet by 6 feet pile of leaves and yard debris!?! I was happy to catch up with him. He is holding steady on this tantra meditation and focusing thing that he has been doing for years. I think it makes him super-human now LOL I can appreciate his chaste lifestyle as I have been limiting sex a lot in the past 2-3 months. At first it was a pain issue, then in the middle it was a strategic decision as I was getting to know Mr. M. Now, I have no specific reason so things are picking up slowly. In addition to catching up, Chuck and I watched Man Vs. Wild and I picked out episodes of places he had been or worked at. The Alps episode (season 1, episode 3) brought back a lot of memories. He was a ski instructor for many years and worked in Italy leading groups over the border into France for lunch and then back. He told me about all the misadventures, that came his way. Turns out this wild skiing is more dangerous than one would imagine even when your not parachuting onto virgin slopes.

Oh and despite Halloween, I have stuck to my low candy rule. There is a LOT of candy in the house and I desire none of it!!! How cool is that? Perhaps, it is simply because I am courting a fitness obsessed Dom right now. Oh no, wait, he is courting me because… oh well maybe I will tell you some other time… it’s serendipity! I am way over the halfway mark on my weight-loss plan 🙂

The best part of my weekend was spending time with my baby daddy. We had dinner together on Friday as the wunderdaughter handed out candy. I made him Pad Tai because he likes it and there are few occasions for me to make it. On Saturday, we went riding around Ile-Bizard in his noisy vintage summer car. It’s noisy in a good way except when I see it I hear Jeremy Clarkson puttin git down in my head LOL This was my vague wish from 3 weeks back. Simple, eh?! As usual we talked about geeky things and gossiped about our daughter (she hates that but she was at her dance class!) I was a little apprehensive since he told me on Thursday that he got me in his OKCupid Quiver Match email (oops!). There is a lot of personal info in my profile though it’s not scandalous. There must be a link to this blog somewhere too. I doubt he would tell me he found a door ajar on my secret life given that he had always been curious about it. That would only encourage me to close it! I can’t control who reads this anyway and have become more comfortable with my perverted self.

Last night Yoshi came over and we watched James May, I mean Top Gear. Seems like James got my note about combing his hair, even if just for the first episode! Congrats on your beautiful Lorrie and performance the first Top Gear race Captain Slow!

Missed Connection!

No journal entry today… Overwhelmed with work… but also overwhelmed with awesome so I have no idea what to start with. In the meantime…

Youtube is making me laugh with its badly matched ads delivered in partner videos.

Badly Targetted Partner Ad - Kiscie

Badly Targetted Partner Ad - Kiscie

Badly Targetted Partner Ad - Cute with Chris (a favorite of teen girls and cat ladies)

Badly Targetted Partner Ad - Cute with Chris

“I love you” is a statement, not a question

Do you see how there is no question mark at the end? And it’s also not pronounced “Do you love me?”. I just thought I would leave that here.

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