I returned to Lavalife a few days ago in order to look at their better interface. Actually it’s much worse than it used to be! I created a brief profile in the orange section. I’m not trolling for sex with random strangers I just don’t feel my profile fits into the other categories.

I am looking for a man who is a lion in the board room and a freak in the bedroom.

Writing that phrase made me laugh! I don’t expect to find anyone on LL because I really never have other than Bearded DiCaprio (I restrain myself from writing long posts about how much I adore him; I just tell him as often as I can <3) Strangely enough I got messages from two guys from my past: The Venetian Prince and the Starbucks Dude. I've met The Venetian Prince four times and have mentioned to him that the economic canyon that separates us makes me feel uncomfortable. He is a member of the Colbert “White Gold” Club and left F1 in 2004 before buying a business in Montreal. I do like the guy I mean he is enterprising and bright but he never gave me the impression that he was very much into me. I told him about this too. So again after saying he wishes we could get together, I bet he will continue to not call or write to me.

Then there is the incredibly hot Starbucks dude. We hooked up 3 1/2 years ago and he looks as yummy as ever. I could also call him the milf hunter! He is funny, stable, open minded and a bit Scottish. I can’t find anything to hold against him, he’s all kinds of adorable. I guess he is your average pervertible English-Canadian boy, the kind that makes an excellent long-term secret boyfriend.

Other than that I made a few first contacts with 2-3 guys but I don’t expect anything from it. To make sure they absolutely never write back unless they know what they are getting into I sent them the link to my blogs.

I still have not found a succinct way to make a guy understand that there is no way I will ever be interested in him sexually unless an intellectual connection exists between us. Every sexual advance that comes before that is a total turn off for me.

Recently the shy nerdy guy who used to sit next to me in HS French class asked me out for a beer. That totally made my day until I realized I could not go : ( And I asked him to keep trying but he hasn’t yet. And to think I was jumping up and down about having a chance to catch up with him.

And the Lavalife profile is now deleted.