I was discussing safe sex with my best friend recently and he had the best thing to say about it: “Kids think it’s safe sex because there’s no weapons involved!”

That made me laugh so much!

Also recently I asked my lover “Aren’t you ever worried that I will give you some disease?” and he replied the he knew I would never do that to him.

Now if that answer came from someone else I would have thought it was an idiotic answer. I’ll get to that later. My lover knows that I have a wide knowledge of what constitutes safe versus risky behavior so he has decided to trust me on the matter. I really don’t have as much sex as I could have and even then it’s often BDSM play oriented and quite safe. I still consider that if I ever gave him a disease it would be catastrophic. I am VERY protective of both my lovers and have this complex firewall system that I use to make sure I don’t put them at risk.

But back to the “I’m sure you would never do that to me” statement. Now the thing with STIs is that most people pass them on inadvertently. Most people get them because they haven’t really read up on what constitutes risky behavior and what is truly safe. I read the descriptions of sexual encounters of friends who THINK they are being sexually safe and notice things that are big no-nos! People under 25 are strangely uneducated about STDs/STIs yet they are supposed to be the generation with the most access to information.

Part of staying safe involves not fucking people you don’t know. For me that is a huge factor in staying safe. I just don’t care anymore to have sex with someone I just met. I choose intimate partners for the long run, not the fling factor. First time is amusing but 10th time is much better so why waste my time.

I am 37 and have yet to have a STI/STD. At the rate I am going I will probably never get one yet I have had sex with more people than I can count and don’t see how carving my headboard would be of any significance at this point. I am not Gene Simmons!

I recently felt kind of dick-ish for burning my boyfriend at the stake for sleeping around. Well mostly I felt bad for declaring to the world that I didn’t want to sharing cooties. You have to understand that if he wanders off with anyone without discussing it beforehand it puts me and my lovers at risk. Turn out I dodged a huge bullet by taking swift action right away. Now I am breathing a sigh of relief and I am pretty proud of myself (pat myself on the back.) I cannot emphasize how much of a catastrophe it would be if I ever passed on an infection, however benign to my lovers. Not even a cold… that would be unacceptable!