I think that it is an unfair burden to bear for a 16-year-old to have a whole country absolutely hate you for a lapse in judgement. I cannot imagine how bad you must have felt as you lost all control over your own life and the trust of your parents in one catastrophic night. To fear getting unexpectedly punched in the face by a random stranger while others cheer on.

I think it is miss guided for people to pour their bile, anger and hate on you when there are actual criminals out there. I know you are doing the douchebag thing to feel like you have some semblance of control over your life. The good news is that it can be fixed. You can’t hide behind ugly yellow glasses forever.

Big Brother has given you four chances to redeem yourself:

1. Remove you from your enablers. Those friends and “fans” who benefit from your infamy and think you are cool for being a fuckwit.

2. Give Australia the chance to know you beyond a retarded 5-second sound byte.

3. Place you in the presence of golden houseguests who each have a little bit of wisdom to pass along because they have made something of themselves despite being different and discriminated against.

4. Give you a shit load of cash which you can use partly to re-pay your community and parents for damages.

Corey burning his bridge with Bianca

You say you are not famous… you are right. You are an underage boy who has become public domain. If you had any rights left people would object to a Youtube video where a guy describes how he would murder you… but sadly, Australia won’t even give you that benefit. I never thought I would live to see a day when people have less regards for an immature teenager than a dog turd on a sidewalk. This state of affairs saddens me.

You have to realize that you cannot build a respectable life based on infamy. You represent the greatest (insurance) risk to anyone who associates with you just based on how people react to you whether it’s positive or negative. This means potential schools, employers and even friends. People like you fall into drugs, prostitution and pornography because those are the only opportunities people will offer you. You have only 1 year left before the sharks can legally move in and kill all that is left of you and you will have absolutely no recourse.

Your best bet is to use what is left of your money to disappear for a few years. Man up. Re-invent yourself. I am not asking you to (quoting your parents) “stop doing what you do”, I am telling you to give Corey a chance to enjoy the benefits of being raised (a task unfinished) while existing outside of a prison of hate.

If you were in my charge I would change your appearance and clothing. Send you to technical college under an assumed name in a place where people do not know who you are (hard to believe there is such a place… but there is.) Put you to work in a MacDonald’s or something like that and encourage you to talk to your parents on a regular basis. Introduce you to cool guys who are not fucktards and who’s idea of fun is not boozin’ and pukin’.

If only you could see what that would give you in return. You could live without being stared at or judged constantly. You could have true friends who are not fuckwits who smooch on your “fame”. You could do something with your time that would bring you huge returns in the long run. The best part of it would be to be secure and happy in a calm non-cahotic environment. You would have 1 person in your camp and learn how to build on that.

I have asked a former teenager who understands the previous statements to review and comment on this entry.

When you are done raising you could return to Australia looking like a normal Uni student with a huge smile on your face and go on with a life you have chosen and created for yourself.

As I am writing this, I am watching you throw opportunities away in front of all of Australia (and some of the world.) Big Brother put you inside the highest security prison in Australia in order to give you a public spanking but you’d be better off in a shack in the middle of the country and thinking up a plan for a normal enjoyable life.

Do you sincerely feel that you can act like a dumbass for 4 years and magically turn into a man at 21?

Miss Eva