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Month: February 2008

On Skins…

My obsession as of late has been Skins. I cannot remember being so moved by a TV show since Twin Peaks. This show is so intense and it keeps surprising me every time. When you are 17, every bad day seems like the end of the world. Does anything great ever happen to these kids? They are bombarded with situations that would be hard for most adults to handle. It is very frustrating how most of the adults in that show are hapless teenagers themselves.

Each episode is beautifully crafted from heartbreaking moments in the life of one character.

I was touched by Cassie‘s relationship with her cabbie. I’m attracted to Tony even if he comes off as a total sociopath. I am frustrated for Jal who is too smart and talented to be stuck with all these wankers. I love it when Abi talks trash. I think her brother Josh is dreamy. I love how Anwar is the apple of his parents’ eye. I don’t really get Chris, but his pill wall makes for nice art. I am affraid for Effy. I wish Michelle would move on. I wish I knew Posh Kenneth, I can’t even understand what he says most of the time. I am Sid.


I LOVE each and every one of the characters. I have to say I am absolutely crazy about Maxxie. When Maxxie (newcomer, Mitch Hewer) dances I rewind it 4-5 times. I love how every inch of Maxxie’s body has been modified by his mastering of the craft of dance. Dancers wear years of dedicated and painful work as little intricate ripples all over their back and legs. I may gag at body builders but I am in awe of athletes and physical laborers. When Maxx dances, it looks as if the music is following him and not the other way around. I have not been impressed with a classical dancer since Rudolph Nureyev. Maxxie is ultra confident in his talent and his looks, I love his attitude. I just pegged him as the possibly bi token gay in the beginning but he has so much to offer as a character.


Skins is currently in its second season on Channel 4, however the first season can be had on Mininova or spotted on Youtube.

On Sex Ed

“We should have age-appropriate sex education that includes information about contraception.” – Barack Obama

While that statement seems very obvious, it addresses a serious problem with sex educations in the U.S. When Obama speaks of LGBT issues, same sex marriage, sex education, gays in the military and HIV/AIDS prevention, he simply sounds like he believes in and understands the issue he is talking about. I can’t contribute to Obama’s campaign but like many other foreigners who winds up affected by U.S. politics, I just thought I would point this out.

Building an understanding of these complex issues often starts in Sex Ed.

For more information on the dire state of Sex Ed in the U.S. I highly recommend Violet Blue’s conference for Google EngEDU: Abstinence does not make the heart grow fonder.

Honk If You’re Fucking Ben Affleck Sticker

I just had to make this into an actual sticker (click for large resolution). Maybe you have a car to stick it on! Inspired by this.


Spam of the week weak

This is a funny spam I found in my inbox. I have had my email address for 12-13 years so I get a lot of spam but not that much pron spam. I think it is an incest spam but I can’t quite figure it out and I sure as hell will not click on the link.


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