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Month: November 2007

He wore a purple rugby shirt!


After a long day of shuffling data I sat down to watch my James drive around. If James May was on American TV they would have him wear sponsored clothing far away from his own style. That shirt was practically fluorescent!


I love you James!

Fetish 4 Play

I may not be available to drop by F4P for the next few months but I did take the time to put together this flyer. I think it looks fierce 🙂



I was stripped, tied to a wall and flogged…

I’m not really used to being hit on by guys. I was all alone when I arrived at the last Fetish 4 Play. It was the same night as so many other Halloween parties so it was not as well attended. I didn’t mind for I had things to do. I think the fact that I was stripped, tied to a wall and flogged by Viky attracted the attention of people there. I was hit on by so many guys. I wasn’t even wearing something sexy. But I did have my fantastic platform fuck me boots. I was treated to a nice foot massage over my fishnets by a guy I just met (okay so that is a bit weird for me but he was cute and seemed like a nice enough guy) and then I got another foot massage later on from someone I did know. Then my partner finally showed up and I played with him too. It was the last Fetish 4 Play at Tools, the party is moving to a private club for swingers. (annoyed shrug…)

UPDATED: I just finished creating the Flyer for the next 5 months events and took the time to review the new venue, Club Nuances. Look at this Flickr set: It looks good 🙂

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