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Month: October 2007

Review: BBC Storyville Paris Brothel

I watched this interesting documentary from the BBC about the era of Maisons-closes in Paris at the beginning of the century. There are interviews with historians, collectors and former sex workers. There are interesting stories of the madams, girls and artists who frequented the brothels. The documentary is filmed in former brothels, with interviews with the homeowners who inherited these beautiful richly decorated homes.

Flickr Fetishist of the Week: Jake and Jonnie

Years ago when I first logged onto Flickr I found this crazy shot of two British guys in a shower. No doubt the tag spamming had a lot to do with it. I found the whole photo stream to be very intriguing. They show a world of bored teenagers drinking and doing drugs. Everything about these drab and depressing pictures is foreign to me. The pictures are so amateur, that they look like a styled photo shoot. I like the unpolished. Real = Art.
This week I am not really featuring a fetishist per say but someone who takes amazing photos in the same style. However they professional photographers. The surreal world of Jake Dow Smith and Jonnie Craig of Hello Television in England who takes the strangest most surreal photos. Some of their work has been featured in Vice Magazine. Again, everything in his photos is different from the color, the poses, the objects. They all combine to create something original. When Wes Anderson put his retro-dressing characters in a house filled with the latest technology… from 1963 he is essentially trying to create the same illusion. Jake and Jonnie seem to spend everyday in that retro-futuristic world.

The Stiletto

Usually I find tests stupid however this one seems thorough. The questions are intelligent and the results well written 🙂 I think the results are accurate. This is exactly how I am perceived. I feel that I also have a lot of Nymph characteristics. I am a reluctant dominatrix… it’s so muh work LOL

The Stiletto – Deliberate Brutal Sex Master (DBSM)

The Stiletto

Edgy. Physical. Devastating. You are The Stiletto, of all types, the most likely to be a dominatrix and the least likely to apologize.

Sex is your object, and you have a LOT of it. Doubtless, you’ve figured out how easy it is for a dominant, assertive woman to have as many and whichever partners as she chooses. You’re in control, you know what you want, and you get it, right there. It’s highly likely you have a nice body, and it’s even more likely we’re getting all turned on right now writing this.

You’re generally careful with your actions and words, but your test answers indicate you’ve hurt some people, drawn some blood. This means one of two things. Either you’re calculating, and pain is just part of your game plan, or hurting the occasional guy is just the unfortunate, but natural, byproduct of your liberated sexual existence.

Our tendency is to believe the latter: you’re willing to engage men on a basic sexual level, and clearly they’re attracted to you. It’s understandable that a few might get overly attached, and sometimes harshness is the only way for you to escape: you’ve got to cut your way out. After all, it’s not emotional bondage you’re looking for right now.

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