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Month: September 2007

Self-defense techniques

How to Survive a Physical Attack: Punches and Chokes. Read it, watch it, it’s good 🙂

Beauty and the Geek to the rescue

I have come to the conclusion that Big Brother US has the least interesting cast in US TV. On the other hand, Beauty and The Geek has the best and most fascinating cast. If Beauties and Geeks were in the Big Brother house, then I would care to watch the feeds and even tune into the daily shows which are a part of every other international Big Brother experiences. I have been watching international BB shows this summer and I am amazed at how people truly love that show and participate… everywhere else (Including Africa, Poland, Croatia, Finland and Australia). In the US, the whole format is too controlled and even audience members at the finale are hand picked seat fillers holding up banners created by the production crew. It just seems akwardly fake. Again, this year, the show featured some annoying turds who were not worth watching. I have an incredibly embarrassing parent (narcissist manipulator) so I feel for Danielle. I wonder how she will feel when everybody she meets in the next few months say to her: “Wow, your dad really is an asshole!”

Beauty and the Geek - Tony in Socks and flip flops

Beauty and the Geek to the rescue. This year’s cast is awesome. I cannot pick one geek over another, they are all priceless. I wish the Nintendo Case Mod guy made it on. They have a LARP geek called Dave, hey that rings a bell! And my fantasy boyfriend a Robotic Engineer from MIT.

I have a quasi-geek. He used to pretend he was not a geek, then when he realized I idolize geeks he changed his tune. I gave him a swag t-shirt I got from McAfee and he once wore it to bed… Zexy! (I will know if he reads my blog if he ever wears it to bed again LOL)

Guys see their geekness as a very internal thing, it’s a way of life. It’s being so interested and occupied with intellectual pursuit and fascinating activities that regular social life (and pursuit of the opposite sex) falls by the wayside. For a girl, judging a guy as a geek is a very external thing. However, once you get to know a geek, you discover a world you never knew existed.

Beauty and the Geek proves that akward nerdiness can be almost cured with a few weeks of social mixology. It also seems to prove that being dumb can’t be helped in such a way.

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