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Month: July 2007

Oh no it’s worse than a Speedo!

Nylon Tricot Men's Swim BriefIs American Apparel clothing even supposed to be flattering? It’s sheared ill-finished jersey at exorbitant prices. I was born in the 70s so I witnessed and even wore the unfortunate nylon short shorts (While roller skating to “Freeze Frame” mind you!) They were ugly then and they are still ugly today. LamΓ© hot pants?! No thanks!

Now AA offers weird-looking bathing suits too!

This style looks like a bad out-take from a 1982 Sears catalog. Here’s what someone has to say about this style: “a drawstring could come in handy, especially when diving in the pool.” Another: “If you wear these for anything other than lounging (LIKE swimming..) don’t buy this… after a few times swimming, the front nylon fabric gets very distressed and saggy, it’s really not worth 30.00″. I appreciate how American Apparel has unflattering clothing AND comments on their site.

I used to think the AA ads looked artistically unkempt but people who wear that stuff actually look like that! A friend lives above an AA store and I must admit I adored the in-shop ‘Old Jewish Retirees in the Pool’ photo campaign from last winter. If I want more I guess I can always visit my mom in Centennial Village, Florida.

Guys, guys, guys…

Am I supposed to think the guys on Big Brother this year are hot? Two are gay (and entertaining for sure). There’s NewHowie, which is how I would describe Zach (He looks like a Howie anyway). Dick is fine until he starts name dropping which is about as appealing as watching a pigeon shit. Mike? Don’t really know him. Nick, quite cute but looks too much like that Zach dude from High School Musical. I am sure he will be the more entertaining of the guys just because of the gay/not gay references and the showmance with Daniele… and Jen’s jelousy. But all around my favorite guy, because he seems to be worth the time getting to know, is America’s Player, Eric.

This is how everybody sees me, boo hoo!

Narcissists are the first people to apply to reality shows. They should know that a reality show will likely show them in a bad light, even if unintentionally. But that’s okay since narcissistic contestant usually do all the work for the producers.

Jen, your typical L.A. actress slash nanny slash bikini model unravels at the thought of everybody seeing a picture she feels is unflattering. A hilarious moment forever captured by Big Brother.

Jen hides her picture on the photo wall.

Everybody distances themselves from Jen.

Jen cries then sulks.

The dilema of plural relationships…

Having more than one long term relationship is great but it can make me feel confused sometimes.

Over the past few months I had cut back on seeing the others and concentrated on The Paper Boy (he’s not a paper boy it’s just his nickname, he’s actually BF#4) and hanging out with my really really really amazing galpals. In fact I had a major falling out with BF#3. I’ve invested so much into that 2 year relationship but we fight for no reason and it doesn’t seem like we will ever agree on basic things. It’s been good to not see him or talk to him in 2 months.

BF#1? well we are in the immediate vicinity of each other all the time so it’s same old, same old πŸ™‚ I really love the stability of my relationship with BF#1. We are two kissing fish in aquariums next to each other. We will never get to be in the same tank but he gives me the impression that I am the most important person in his life and he gets so worried if I am down. All the love and patience I have for the others comes from that one relationship.

I also hadn’t seen BF#2 in a few months. More because of our schedules than anything else. Yesterday was the first time we were both free so we headed out for sushi at the last minute. I had a wonderful time with my 100% genuine guy and as usual we got along perfectly. He reminded me that it’s been almost 3 years. It’s only been 2 years and 8 months but who’s counting? We exist in a little bubble of our own and I like it that way. I don’t know his friends and family and he doesn’t know many of my friends. BF#1 likes him and approves, (ex)BF#3 likes him though only talked briefly but BF#4 has never met him. My daughter doesn’t care for him at all so I’ve kept them separate for the past 18 months. BF#2 thinks he will magically change from a bachelor to a married man and have lots of children. I think that men who think like that eventually just turn into unhappily married men who live double lives and dig themselves an early grave. I wonder if he will realize that he can simply pick someone who accepts him the way that he is right now (at 30 going on 17, just being his true self) and build on that the relationship that he wants without having to do what his family expects of him. Actually I don’t even think his family expects him to have the same path as his siblings he is just putting that burden onto himself.

I have to sign off, BF#4 is turning 20 today and we are going out. He doesn’t know yet where I am taking him!

More sex toys? Perhaps!

I took in a meeting with marketing people from Drugstore.com recently. They have launched new tools that just might make it possible to resurrect as a sex toys website rather than just a blog. I am very excited about that πŸ™‚ Finally the big boxes are getting more comfortable about carrying a variety of Sexual Health merchandise! Yippee!

Hot Southern Piece of Man Candy

This is how I described a person I met in New York City a few weeks ago. The person I am talking about is a handsome tall brown-haired VP from Alabama who has a Chris Cooper thing going, though perhaps 20 years younger. So he is close to my age, how cool! I was told by a co-worker I should copyright this term and get the domain name πŸ™‚ I guess I could use it to create a match making service between us Lovely and Wild French-Canadian Ladies and Hot Southern Pieces of Man Candy. It’s no romantic match but still it’s nice to meet people worth getting all excited about. Makes my day! I can’t meet handsome southern gentlemen here in Montreal and it’s proven hard to meet men between 35-45. All that buzzes around is under 25, get me a fly swat!

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