I noticed James’ Flickr a really long time ago. He has published hundreds of pictures of store mannequins and I once wrote him a message about how it makes my day to run into a display professional while he/she is creating a presentation. Oh and I called him a fetishist, oops! His reply was really nice nonetheless, here’s an excerpt.


So you call this a fetish eh .. well it could be that or just a obsession with mannequins for me as I love collecting them as well and shooting what ever display they are in as they do take photographs well don’t they and they never want anything from you for taking their pictures 🙂James (5 Dec ’05, 3.17pm EST)



I am awed by his dedication to preserving artistic displays that only last a few weeks.

Tune in next week to meet another Flickr Fetishist… If you have 120 unbelievably creative pictures of yourself on Flickr, you do not represent one of the candidates who could go on to having the honor of being considered as a pick for our Flickr Fetishist, but you rock nonetheless!