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Month: March 2007

There are two kind of people on this earth

After talking to people 25-45 about movies or reading blogs I realized that there are those who like Ben Affleck and those who prefer Matt Damon. But what about me? I have an uncontrollable desire to watch Casey Affleck!!! Why can’t I get more Casey? This guy is über-tight with the crème-de-la-crème in Hollywood and I have to wait years between Oceans so I can enjoy his charming screen presence. To be fair, he will also co-star in Gone, Baby, Gone with Morgan Freeman, coming out this fall. But until then I have to wait two months for Ocean’s 13. Below is another project coming up in September The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

Flickr Fetishist of the Week: Ballet Bob

Ballet BobThis is Ballet Bob from Atlanta, Georgia. He is forty-ish, married and enjoys dressing up in costumes and studying ballet. He is pictured here on “One of the RARE Times I got off my Lazy Butt to work out, and the only time I done it in Fishnets.” I’m glad to read he doesn’t work out in fishnet stockings all the time, that would be too weird. Bob has the exact same taste in shoes as myself, however, when I walk around in Mary Janes or ballet flats, nobody blogs about it. That’s why Bob is our Flickr Fetishist of the Week!

Tune in next week to meet another Flickr Fetishist… Congratulations, if you have 582 pictures of your hamster Chmurka on Flickr, you represent one of the candidates who could go on to having the honor of being considered as a pick for our Flickr Fetishist of the Week!

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