I received a sampler of this product when attending a human sexuality class recently. Because I am highly skeptical of ‘potency’ potions for men, I have never really given much attention to products for women. The ‘O topical Pleasure Gel’ is a vaso-dilator that you apply on the clitoris. It works quite simply by bringing more blood to the area. Typically during arousal blood flows to the area gradually, the gel simply helps the process along. I tried this product twice to make sure I was familiar with the effect of it. It seems to work within 30 minutes creating a slightly odd tingly sensation.

Most women have a very sensitive clitoridal area and any direct contact can be painful. However the gel counteracts this by bringing a lot more blood to the area and thus enhancing pleasure. I will even venture to say that if you apply this when you are not even ‘in the mood’ it might change your mind in a jiffy! Because you only need a tiny droplet the size of a seed beed, this product is not expensive at all! It is available on Amazon.com (12.95$) or at your local pharmacy (20.00$).